Monday, September 15, 2008

At the Undergrad Library


The stiff headwind I rode out to my friends in, would become a TORNADO Saturday night ... it was the building BEHIND HIS that was the more damaged.  My phone was wet, and it didn't dry out until yesterday, as his reg'lar phone was out, and his cell # was in my phone.  Finally it did, and Hutch was in the dark, but undamaged.  Whew!

AKA said that I had become a 'tornado magnet' as the same thing happened to me in the provencial town I shared with the Mook's, a small tornado close enough to touch.  I prefer to think of myself as 'fortunate' as I could have easily been caught up in either one.

Good sign for me, that my 'Longshot luck' is still a part of my S.O.P!


No more 'corn-fed' comments.  After all, I plan on assimilating and making Nebraska MY HOME.  Period.  Visit wherever, but always come back to it.


Saw '8 Seconds' the other day.  Good movie, and I make the same parelles ... maybe one day I will go over them, as they have to be recast in my mind.  Caught some of the Tar Heels football game, and you gotta like their color scheme ... that navy pant with the Carolina blue tops are cool!

Isn't it a sign of the impending apocalypse when Kansas and South Florida meet in a nationally televised football game, and they are both RANKED?  Are you serious?  Kansas in the top 25 ... is it Februrary and are they playing basketball?  South Florida ... isn't that a DESTINATION and not a football school?  Time keeps on movin' into the future, and that future is NOW.


Michigan has a bottle deposit on beer and soda cans & bottles.  I pick them up, saving them until the end of the week and returning them to the Meijer's out in the 48150.  I don't hunt for them, as they are often just out in the litter, but I will pick them up if I see them.  Just something to do, and I get to collect the caps from Coke products and enter the codes for points.  I have over 1000 pts!  There has been only one prize I have seen worth this hassle, a Garmin pedometer.  It was valued at 3k, but hey what is a dream if it isn't worth the effort of trying to reach it?

OSU, MSU, and the U of M

...but Wisconsin is a party state, and the Badgers are going to win the Big Ten!  Michigan couldn't beat the Dillon Panth--, er, Notre Dame and my beloved Buckeyes got a black eye, busted nose and split lip in Los Angeles.  State won in the rain, but they were playing another one of those directional schools (is it me, or is Florida Atlantic redundant to you too?) in the wind and rain.  A win is a win.

I really think that the Badgers are going to win the Big Ten this year ... they have a thick middle part to their schedule, but I think they will handle it.  They sit as 'trap games' for both Michigan and Michigan State.  Yeah, they will end up going to Pasedena and WINNING the Rose Bowl!

... and I have counted to three ...


We talked a little about what I had going on in my mind.  Told him that I was looking forward to moving out to Nebraska, and he pulled my called, and it became a 'truth in advertising' moment.

I know that he cares for me, so it didn't bother me that he shook his head in the 'there you go again' way that you do when someone does something entirely predicible, and it goes against your own understanding.  I faced up, and told him what I think and thought, as he asked about 'my concubine' and how that was going.

Explained how I felt 'obligated' to say hello to everyone, cause the 'Ex-List' is a good idea for me, though in saying that, it isn't something that is going to prevent me from moving forward.  Then he said, "You are just going out there for that girl", and I said ... "Yeah, and..?"

"See, I think I have a grip on me, and that I don't kid myself.  I would love for Nebraska to want to be involved with me, but that isn't why I am going.  You have known me since forever, and you have heard me complain about Detroit since before I could drive (which I can't now, but that is something else!), so that I want to leave shouldn't come as a surprise."

"That I am sharing this with you, is.  I am going to claim my goal this time, and I feel this is part of it.  As to whether or not I 'get the girl' or not ... well, getting a life is what this is about, and that is exactly what I will do."

"Does Tee Jay know?  Have you talked with her?"

Now, we have talked several times since I have been home, about once every 10 days to two weeks.  No one is rushing into anything, and I don't want to know what she has going on.  I like that I have been able to get things together, and being able to think about what I can do, what lies ahead, seems to be more interesting than trying 're-sublimate' myself, and put up with the 'growing pains' of getting back into her life.

But like the Wolverines, she has what it takes ... but can we put it all together?  Each thought about getting us back together only makes the case for going somewhere else stronger.  I don't want to have to 're-prove' myself, going over and beyond to be with someone.  That is what I have thought you had to do in trying to get back together, and I did that with my ex-wife, during our crap marriage.  Haven't done it since, and don't think I want to break up that streak.


luvrte66 said...

You had a tornado up there?! Wow! We didn't get any of the winds, just plenty of rain. PLENTY!

You may be right about Wisconsin. We're just happy to see ND at 2-0. Something to cheer about, even though they have plenty of work to do. And yeah, I saw that comment about Michigan couldn't even beat ND! Hardy-har-har!

As for getting back together with exes, you're the only one who can make that decision...but I don't go back. Once I got to the point where I made them an ex, there was no turning back for me. That's just how I'm wired.

Glad you're safe and "rode the storm out!"


lv2trnscrb said...

rough weather for you; glad that you and Hutch were safe in the tornado!! Wow!!!

I didn't realize Coke was running something with points, we mainly drink Pepsi products, if I see anything with Coke/points, I'll let you know what I get and pass them on to you; I think a pedometer would be a good thing to have; its supposed to be good to gauge how many steps per day for fitness/weight loss from what I hear/read

your Buckeyes got trounced by USC!! I heard on the news that there were tickets going for $400 a seat; a way bit out of my price range

I'm glad you had a chance to spend some time with Hutch; always good to have talks with our friends whether or not they agree with what our plans are


buckoclown said...

Hmmm, I think Illinois might have something to say about your prediction :o)  

Also, I just may have to post a ND picture now :o)

Hard to believe the impact Ike had across the whole midwest.  Hope your Nebraska plan stays on track, I think the re-prove perspective is a serious thing to keep in mind.

lisa41076 said...

Mark, I went to the library today and all the computers were down, Sigh ........ thanks for your comment in my fan fiction journal, if you go to and type in GSR the first video that comes up watch it till the end , seems like my Grissom and Sara story is coming true , Hugs Lisa