Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love is like as snowflake ...


Let's say you happen to watch the 'Today Show' Thursday morning, sometime between say, 9-10 a.m., and you see a guy in a Piston jersey with #33 (Grant Hill) in royal blue shorts (because he stays warm naturally!).  You will then be able to say that I know what Mark looks like, because I am going down to Campus Martius to see what is what!

It would be cool if someone saw me, don't need to talk to anyone.  But I will be in the crowd, and I will treat myself to some Astoria cookies afterward!


Can't tell you who is the prettiest or most thoughtful.  Can't tell you who gave the most or who made me feel the most secure.  It is like going into the Hall Of Fame, once you are in, you become immortal.  Some of the names that are in that hat are Mookie, Pecan Sandie, My Delta Girl, Nebraska (she sneaks in like Gayle Sayers did!), and without any question, Tee Jay.  Man, I have been a lucky cat!

There are several near-greats, and a few that are no longer eligible for entry, due to lack of votes.  Not going to get into them again anyway (hey, a PLAY ON WORDS!!) so no worries, mate!

What made the passion we share so special ... in my mind's eye she became Pam Grier, and my lust was the same as the little boy who didn't know what it was he was feeling, but he wanted to feel it with her!  With Tee Jay, it was like an avatar come to life, and I had to be as patient and gentle as I had always thought I would be, making love with someone who was so special to me.

That night, was wonderful.  I went out to get some drinks and take them back to the room, and a thick, heavy snow had fell in the quiet of the dark of the morning.  Because it was so late (or early, take your pick), the streets had not yet become a slushy mess, and the outdoors brought to mind the Frost poem, 'Stopping By The Woods ...'.

Not to mention, I heard a 'voice'.

At some point in the near future, I will address my particular spritual life, as I feel the need to examineit as I continue on with my journey.  I do wonder how do people explain to themselves when they just 'know' something, or decide all of a sudden to 'change' a plan or go in another direction.

In Tee Jay case, I was 'shown' her in our initial meeting.   Then I had 'saw' her that night, and going back to our room I was 'told' that this was not going to be a case where my heart was just leaping out and racing away blindly.  No, this was THAT GIRL, and I had no doubts about her.  And though I didn't get to give her an engagement ring, it doesn't change what she is to me, that was 'appointed' to her on a far higher pay grade than mine, and she still has that to her.

I am the one who let us down.

NEXT : Oh, and what is up with Nebraska?



luvrte66 said...

Very sweet, what you said about Tee Jay....

"Not going to get into them again anyway (hey, a PLAY ON WORDS!!)"

That cracked me up!

Hmm, I just might have to make sure I turn on the TV Thursday morning and watch for you! Hey, maybe you can hold up a big sign that says "Hi J-Land!" so we'll all know it's you! :)

Hugs, Beth

lv2trnscrb said...

gosh; I'll forget to watch the Today Show; that would be neat if you were there; now you are making me miss the snow as you described it here in this entry; there's nothing like that freshly fallen new snow; great entry Mark :)


dbdacoba said...

Thank you for recent comments on my journal (Vagabond Journeys).  Now you have me thinking about a parade of loves or near loves and what they actually meant.  I have heared the "voice" you speak of, but only to tell me I was doing the right thing after the choice was made, and once I saw the "word" mysteriously appear on the ceiling as I was lying in bed pondering cruces.  Which is why I'm now retired.       DB

buckoclown said...

Gald you has such great memories of your time with Tee Jay.  Have fun tomorrowm morning :o)