Monday, September 22, 2008


I don't know if 'first times' stay special for every person, or what, cause the way that it goes in my mind.  Men seem to bypass the moment as the goal is justifiable in and of itself.  Me, it has always, always been about the journey, as the goal IS the journey.

Yeah, there have been my share of 'Juke Joint Jezebel' Saturday nights and 'Bucket Bunnies' after fights.  I have sort of prided myself on not relying on that kind of thing to pad my totals.  Being able to sit down, by someone a drink and draw her out of her shell and into being the person she really was, is something I feel is my stregnth.  I don't think that 'loving is an art' for nothing.

We had been going out for nearly two months, and because I was trying to get ready for a match, I wasn't even thinking about doing anything with her.  I have found that when it is 'new' to a lady, the disipline that an athlelte has to have regarding the 'dellights' of a woman.  In the end, it also heightens HER desire ... so that by the time our get together, she was wanting to get together and I was fresh off a nice win.  Everything was in place for a good start or a crash and burn.

So I set my expectations on 'blowing her freaking mind'!

Gen. Chuck Yeager had a thing about fear.  He said, in his line of work, fear would prevent you from doing your job and would get your friends killed.  People like to write and talk about that stuff, but when he said that he had no fear, that is exactly what he meant.  That is something that I found useful in my life, by not being afraid of exams because I knew I had to study, not worrying about how good a potential opponent would be, because I was training when he was sleeping and trusting in the sergeants who were drilling me, because they knew what THEY were doing.

There is a line in the movie 'Revenge of the Nerds' where the nerd tells the bombshell girl that the difference between the jocks and the nerds was that the jocks thought about sports all the time, and the nerds thought about girls!  So did I!!  When I met Tee Jay, my approach was refined and I was more than a little confident in what I could do (wasn't like that in Chitown, but I went out anyway and crossed my fingers!)

Even with my 'best foot foward' expectation, I was surprised at how well our evening went.  And for the majority of our relationship, that was how we were with one another.

Dinner couldn't have been better, and she appreciated the movie and the convesation at Brazil, a coffee house in Royal Oak was engaging.  She seemed to really appreciate the difference between her previous 'start ups' and what we were building on.  The routine had been flawless, now it was time to stick the landing!


naperdillygirl said...

Gosh I miss Chicago and western suburbs so incredibly much!  Enjoyed reading this one!  Thanks.  Sue

buckoclown said...

Sounds smooth man :o)

luvrte66 said...

Have you ever seen the movie "The Right Stuff" (or read the book)? It's one of my favorites, because these test pilots and astronauts...NO FEAR. I can't imagine having a job where you sit on massive amounts of rocket fuel and are launched into space. That is fearless!

Sounds like you've got "the right stuff!" ;)


lv2trnscrb said...

I'm enjoying reading these entries Mark; some of your "moves" remind me of my husband and our early dating days


frankandmary said...

This made me think of my Dad always seeming to "have no fear," but at times, truthfully, he was the custodian of my terrors, & when he got ill, I the custodian for his. It worked for us. ~Mary