Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Can You Be Conscious And Not ...

... watch any of the convention ..?

But I don't want to watch tonight.  The subtle and not so subtle code words make me jittery.  Had to see Sarah Palin, and she is what the true believers would want.  For real though, I have way more questions about her than any other Veep in like, ever. 

Being a member of the marginalized, you pick up on certain phrases and their intent as well as their meaning.  Rudy (noun, a verb, and 9-11) Guiliani got them started, then Gov. Palin came in, played to her crowd and kept the audience going.  Don't know if her family should be in play, but if she used her power to bully folks into doing her bidding ... well, see Kilpatrick, Kwame former Mayor of Detroit, to see how I think that should end up.

Why do the GOP trot out people of such questionable character and pose them as having greater morality?  Cindy McCain, who was once the 'other woman', looked downright creepy holding the Palin child.

Uh, I will skip tonight.


The Lifetime Movie Network had the cutest little movie going ... "How I Married My High School Crush" this after noon.  I really thought it was endearing.  If you get a chance, check it out!

Sometimes, having millions of channels do pay off ... and with football season getting going, I am sure that it will ..!  No, I don't have a DVR, and I like it that way.  You should have to choose what and when you are going to spend a block a time being entertained, and when that block passes, you move on.

I did videotape boxing matches when I was active, because that was part of what I DID.  Now, I miss the fights like I miss my favourite TV shows.  Speaking of which ...


Monday's repeat was of Ted finally getting a chance at his newest girlfriend Stella, who hasn't been with a man in 5 YEARS ...

I was struck at once at how plausible it sounded.  AKA and I relationship would prolly change if we got horizontal ... shudder to think what would occur if me and Tee Jay found our way to a hotel room.  This is not to say that we won't and that it isn't going to happen, just that I am not actively trying to ... er, get laid.

So I have been doing kegel (they are not just for unmarried 45 yr old school teachers anymore) thingies, and keeping focused.  See, I am going to have to pay my respects to my darling Brother next week, and it was then I made the mental committment to living the life I imagine.

He did.  His life, no matter what anyone may have thought, was the life he wanted for himself.  And that is what everyone has thought I was doing, and what made getting out of the dying relationship so important.

So going out west (and yes dear, there is a theme song for that too!) feels better and better.  I will break down and buy a coat this season ... some real cold weather gear, truth be told.  I expect not only to go Nebraska, but I want to catch a game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin (it's a Party State!) ... I am not sure if I will meet anyone to share such experiences with ...


I thought my Dad was going to help me get a lap top ... but what he did was have DSL installed ... only his computer needs some Geek Squad like attention.  I am going to wait for 'Black Thursday', and grab something super cheap AND what I want.

Finally, something that has been on my mind ... aw, it will keep ... enjoy Limahl!


luvrte66 said...

Mark, I would hope that lots of people will have questions, and do some research. It's pretty disturbing.

We don't have a DVR, either--there's only so much time in the day, and our time spent actually kicking back and watching TV is limited to a few hours at night. Of course, that will change this weekend with FOOTBALL! Who's your team? We both love Notre Dame when it comes to college, and for pro, I'm a Colts gal and Ken is a Bears guy. Sunday night should be interesting! :)

I hope that at some point you'll share the story of your brother with us. If you already have, it was before we started reading you.

Hugs, Beth

buckoclown said...

Hope you can help get your Dads computer going.  We were not very thrilled with her attack speech, that was full of platitudes and lacked any true substance :o)

lv2trnscrb said...

actually, I thought it was sweet for Cindy McCain to hold the little baby; but I'm a sucker for babies and I would have wanted to hold him myself if I could have :)

I'll have to see if I can check out that movie "How I married my high school crush"; sounds like something I would enjoy :)

Black Thursday--not familiar with that term as it applies to retail, if it does; but I hope you get your laptop as soon as you can :)