Saturday, September 13, 2008




Rode my bike out to the 48170 ... stiff headwind slowed me down bunches and had me work HARD to get out that way.  Interesting, as tired as I was, still popping out of bed as early as I have.  I wonder if I am ever going to find a place where I can sleep like the rest of the world ..?

We went to an Elias Bros. as I did not want to have too much spent on me.  With AKA's b-day coming up, I did think it was fair to have her take me to the Outback ... cause I am going to show her that there is more to dining than the little hole in the wall places she frequents.  McCormick and Schmidt's, or a restaurant out this way, Bistecca may fit the bill.  I will save the Whitney for someone special, should she ever come my way ...


The band 'TV on the Radio' makes me envious that they were friends who found each other to make music.  The lead singer has a Peter Gabriel sound to his voice, and they have the 'look' that I was stumbling around trying to catch in my high school years.  Speaking of which, I use the path only as a reference point, because I think deeply about what is to come ... hopefully there is an IKEA somewhere near the KC-O ... or in Lincoln ... or somewhere. 

I keep those thoughts inside of me mainly, because the time hasn't come for them to start being planted.  Other than looking forward to finding a school to go to, if for nothing else to give me the illusion that I am doing something, and finding a nice corn fed girl to sip coffee with, I don't have any other expectations ... oh, not getting hit by a car as I ride my bike in town!

Finding live clips of bands is sooo cool.  Sometimes, I prefer them to the fancy piped in version you get with videos.  I get to gauge the artists emotional visceral reaction to their music, to see if it resembles the feelings that well up inside of ME.

This is on a list of songs that I wish I could have been a part of creating.  Each listen, it seems to say a little something new to me.

quietly pour out like light
like light, like answering the sun

you're staring at the sun
you're standing in the sea
your mouth is open wide
you're trying hard to breathe
the water's at your neck
there's lightning in your teeth
your body's over me

Gotta love lyrics like that.  Sometimes that is what I think is going on with people, wondering if they have what it takes to get out there and get involved in a relationship.  The heart and soul pouring out like light and into the sun (man, that motif of standing newly made under the sun is one that has been strong in me since forever) is how I have tended to approach a relationship, defining my expectations almost from the instant of meeting someone.  That is why when I re-opened relations with Tee Jay, I told her that I still loved her (it took me 3 YEARS to get over her), but I also have made plans to get going and find my life ...


She writes some high school based vampire novels, and she closely associates music with her work.  Dag!  Had that idea ... see what happens when you have an idea and are first to market with it?  Nebraska (the person) mentioned once that we could write a book ... and sometimes I think these confused scribblings would make a decent story.  But will I want to relive these words?

Anywho, where I can, I will unashamedly put songs and music in my entries.  May even go on a 'tag' project, so that I can organize this stuff.  We will see, as I am not sure if I want to feel some of these words again, taking me off a good stride.  We will see.

Oh, if anyone would tell me how to post stuff up on here or anywhere else, I would appreciate it.  Thanks and 'Snootchie Bootches'!


buckoclown said...

I agree that live clips give you a better idea of the true character of the band.

Not sure what you mean about "posting" something.  We have mostly had luck with html such as video, and inserting jpeg files (photo shop type programs, including microsoft, allow you to add text) :o)

luvrte66 said...

"A corn fed girl...." Hee heee!

The easiest way to tell you to post pictures is when you're in Add Entry, there's a little camera up on the toolbar. If you click on that, it should be self-explanatory. If you want a more detailed (and harder) way to do it, drop me a line.

What is special about the Whitney? Is it the best place in town?


lv2trnscrb said...

actually, Mark; I think you would write a great book!! I've said it before; you do have a way with words; I think people would want to read whatever you chose to write about

I think Beth explained it great how to add/post things; if you need further help, let me know

I like your plans for Nebraska (the place) and your expectations; not getting hit by a car sounds like one of the better plans/expectations; I think some of your planning can be done online now; i.e. seeing if there is an IKEA store there, investigating schools etc. might give you some ideas in your planning stages

enjoy the day


katerh99 said...

Mark, you are going to have to work on your "descriptive" expertise. "Corn fed girl" is liable to get you kicked all the way to Iowa or Illinois!