Wednesday, August 6, 2008

... and now, for something completely different ...


... I luv 'em ... in case somehow that detail has slipped by you.  Watched an episode of the 'Wendy Williams' talk show and let me tell you ... that lady with her unbe-weaveable hair looked FIERCE!  The show was super uneven, and has a ways to go before I think about watching it (I love 'Ellen' but hardly ever watch her) on purpose, but THAT IS what I am talkin' about ..!

Then again, I have talked about so much stuff, maybe it isn't anymore.

WHY ..?

... would you EVER accept an invitation to go on the 'Maury' show?  Are you that low on the self-respect meter that embarassing yourself in front or ERRYBAHDY is preferrable to actually doing something CONSTRUCTIVE with your life?

But I do like the 'Judge' shows ..!

Final TV plug for the day ...

"Secret Life of an American Teenager", is simply a WONDERFUL show!  It combines elements of my favourite teen shows, "James at 16", "Square Pegs", and "My So-Called Life" with a dash of "Friday Night Lights" to keep things in place.  Where did they find such good young actors to play and convincingly pull of the characters?  Added bonus, the show features MY teenage crush, Molly Ringwald (hey, DON'T YOU judge me ..! j/k!) as one of the conflicted parents.

TV doesn't get better than this.  I watched it with my Best Niece, a marathon that lead up to the season debut.  She has done an admirable job filling in for KT this summer ... but this weekend is KT's birthday, and it is the first in six she hasn't spent it with me ...

... this is going to be a long year ...


... this 'review' thing.  But I want to take a break from that stuff, and think about something else entirely, going back to the teenage years of raging hormones, designer jeans, and budding insecurity.  The moment that set the course for my life, was the Thomas Hearns - Sugar Ray Leonard fight!

As the fight in Zaire between Ali and Foreman is known as 'The Rumble In The Jungle' and the conclusion to Ali's operatic trilogy with Frazier is known as 'The Thrilla In Manila', the Hearns - Lenoard bout was simply known as 'The Showdown' (simplicity was the rule with Tommy Hearns big fights ... his brawl with Marvin Hagler was called 'The Fight' and that is what it was!).  Rarely do you have two opponents seen as having the same stature and status when compared to one another.  The Steeler - Cowboys Super Bowls back in the 70's - 80's ... Magic - Bird in their NCAA title game match up ... but in boxing, there seems to be a missing element in the mix.  Holyfield - Tyson happened after Tyson was 'found out' and the Hopkins - De La Hoya match was one that had weight issues ... Mayweather - Hatton, Margaritio - Cotto?  How hard core of a boxing fan are you to really even care?

Even the Frazier-Ali fight in Madison Square Garden came after Ali had clearly lost a little from his forced retirement ...

... but nothing like that was a part of the Hearns - Leonard fight.  They were both the two very best at what they did, both reaching their apex at the same time.  And the outcome of the fight affected my life.


... a word about Nebraska (the person).  She has serious doubts about whether or not we could ever be a couple ... no, that is doing her a disservice, as she has said that it isn't feasible.  Which is cool ... and that is for real.  After all, the reason that I want to go out there is that is where I THINK I am supposed to be, unless something totally unforseen happens ... something GOOD not bad. 

But I do wonder if some of her questions won't be answered once a Ryder truck pulls up in Kearney (that's a random city ... pour example only), with Michigan plates, you know?

I have a feeling that some of the things she doesn't know about, are some of the things I DON'T know either, and the only way is to find out together.

Anywho, remember to watch "Secret Life of an American Teenager", on ABC Family on Monday nights at 8 ... which mean it has to be good to break me from my CBS comedy night!

Enjoy Underworld!


lv2trnscrb said...

I'll have to check out that show "Secret Life of an American Teenager"; sounds interesting and something I'd enjoy watching

I don't know why people go on Maury or other "reality based shows" and expose themselves and sometimes their stupidity for the world to see; I'd be embarrassed to do so and sometimes its embarrassing for me to watch those types of shows; thankfully with my work schedule, it keeps me off the TV during daytime hours :)

I have to agree with you about Nebraska; who knows what will happen if given the chance to be around her and she around you for a period of time; long distance relationships can work, but being around someone physically day after day, week after week, I really think seals a relationship or breaks one; so if Nebraska as a state is where you think you should be, go for it, and see what happens with Nebraska as a relationship :)


abaleman666 said...

i am gonna use your line 'brightest star in the sky' as a jumping off point in a puts words to something i have been trying to articulate in my head and just couldnt wrap around it.

glad to know the job thing worked out ok.  me, i dont know if i would move cross country for a dude.  he would have to be a helluva dude, thats all i can say.  i mean i can get my heart broken just as effectively here, with less effort.  or in my case, i prefer to look for losers closer to home (because thats the hard part of the truth to admit) .  you are more adventurous then i and you are a cat that always lands on your feet no matter where life takes you, so i say, given your past ability to move and grove, go for it!

toonguykc said...

I can't believe somebody else watches "Secret Life..."!!!  I've been there since the first episode only because of Miss Claire/Andi/Sam/Molly.  I'm fiercely Pro-Choice -- so I'm turned off by the xtian preachiness & I think some of the acting is sub-par, but it *is* engaging TV.  I'll give it that much.


luvrte66 said...

Mark, your comment about Molly Ringwald and the subsequent "don't you judge me!" had me laughing! We all have our own little idiosyncrasies, don't we? <grin>