Friday, August 8, 2008

The Hearns - Leonard saga


Things are hectic around my Dad's which limits my personal involvement with the goings on in the house.  I contribute where I can, without being asked, and provide a certain kind of stability.  But I don't get into too much that goes on, because it is chaotic and that just isn't worth my while.

I am going to enjoy the autonmy that letting others be in charge of their charges provides me.

Detroit is in a weird state right now ... there seems to be some sort of gentrification going on that didn't take.  They built these fancy townhomes between Highland Park and the New Center area, but no one came.  Same deal east of the Eastern Market near Hamtramack ... and then there is Mayor Kilpatrick ... geez.

Perhaps a real rain will come and wash all the scum and the filth off the sidewalks, and out of public office here ...

SEPTEMBER 16, 1981

It was a Wenesday and school couldn't end soon enough.  Everyone knew how big a fan of Tommy Hearns I was, and I used to call into a sports show on WXYZ to talk about boxing ... I was stoked for the fight!

Back then, before pay-per-view, watching mega fights meant you had to go to either a hall, movie theater or arena, that would get crummy reception, smelled like beery old men, cigarette smoke and greasy body odor.  None of the wife/girlfriend fetching you beer and food catered by Domino's ... no, you had to EARN your entertainment back then!

Made for an experience.  My paper station manager took me to Calihan Hall on the campus of Detroit Mercy on McNichols, where they had the closed circuit set up.  Man, I was sooo excited!  The undercards were mainly forgettable, the only cat I remember is Tony Ayala Jr., who was a post-Givens Tyson kind of fighter ... then came the main event ..!


I have given myself some time away from the draw down that is going over some of the relationships that outline my personal life.  Also tried to cut into my running, since I have been riding my bike cross several counties, it feels!  Last weekend alone I put in close to 150 miles in three days ... my legs felt a little sapped.

But each time I would try to skip a scheduled run, I would see one of the New Balance commercial, talking about the love/hate relationship you have with running ... they nail it with that campaign!

I am in a pair of Saucony's right now, and they have done pretty well.  But I am saving up, and will get a back to my grey New Balances ..!  Still, giving the Saucony an 'A', for a mid priced ($90.00) shoe ...

Another reason that I am going away from the review, is simply this.  I made some mistakes and have paid and still pay for them.  Each time I think about one of these four girls, the wound reopens, ever so slightly.  And it hurts as if it was brand new, happening before my eyes again.

But I don't miss Mookie at all.  And Tee Jay, who should know I am in town (saw a relative of hers earlier this week when I was running) is what she is to me ... don't know what I am to her, and not really in a rush to find out.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend ..!  I know I will do my best too!

Enjoy Cowboy Junkies!


toonguykc said...

"crummy reception, smelled like beery old men, cigarette smoke and greasy body odor"...that's part of the experience!!  ;)


luvrte66 said...

Nothing wrong with taking a break from thinking about past hurts. Sometimes you just have to stop the introspection and enjoy the moment. You can get back to it later, after you feel re-energized!

Do you know when the boxing events are happening in the Olympics? Always one of my favorites to watch. Have a great weekend, buddy!


lv2trnscrb said...

great exercise on your bike Mark!!! it is a love-hate relationship with exercise; at least for me, LOL, but I like the effects on the body; every morning when that alarm rings its is a struggle to get up and out to the gym and some days those 30 minutes drag as I'm pedaling or doing the elliptical machine; other days they fly by; but I know how important it is to do it; like you do too.

I think we all make mistakes and we all are paying for some of them still; part of human nature I think; the important thing is to learn from those mistakes and don't try to repeat them again

(son had minor drama the other night; its working itself out; I actually think its going to work itself out really well, Lord willing, over the next few days; time will tell)


abaleman666 said...

i saw an episode of the wendy show.  i was afraid i was gonna find out that she was really a dude and everyone but me knew....but according to wikipedia she is really a chick.  not that it would matter but she is a 'handsome woman' as my grandma would always say.

kwame, kwame, kwame....

maybe you need to put those chicas in the stars. always good to review the past so it doesnt happen again, but i agree.  why do it to the point where it upsets you and that distracts from the now of your life?