Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me & My Brother


... I DO have 9 lives!  I don't take them for granted though.  Back in the late '80's, Marvel comics created a character named "Longshot", who's chief power was how randomly things would just 'happen' to work out his way.  You could also say his main power was his "luck".

That is how I feel, that my special "power" or gift is that I am fortunate.  Things have a way of working out for me, and overall, they do.  Somethings haven't been a beneficial, but that is okay.  MY PERSONAL LAW OF AVERAGES says that if two bad things happen to me, then three good things will follow, and one of them will be REALLY GOOD.

I am trying to do my part to up my percentages ... the goal is to get up into the 85% - 90% range. 

One of the things about "luck" is how often it falls on those who are active and working towards something with a full heart.  It always have seem that way in my life.  The more focused I have been, the harder I would work towards that point.  The harder I would work, then the luckier I would find myself being.

Like with the Dad that I have.


Are NOT his sons.  That he took and purchased a marker for my brother, says ... I don't know what it says, because he is also GREATLY flawed.  But he has worked hard, putting in 26 years at Ford and doing some OTR trucking for a good while before that.  He never claimed any high moral ground, but he does have his own code, and he acts accordingly.

The other day, when I was downtown running my errands, we bumped into each other.  Not intentionally, as I did not know he had business with the city as well, but it was good that he did.  For someone to keep saying that they are working on 'gettin' it together', and not to be able to see it, that he saw me on route, was something.  If you are going to need some help, he will give it, but you better be doing what you can do to move your own agenda. 

I was already on the scene when he met my Mother ... so he isn't my biological father.  Nor is he my brother's.  But he never once treated us like any thing other than his sons.  We never felt that he was any other person than our Father. 

Me, Clint Eastwood in '...Baby', and my Dad with Jan and my Army sister ... and sometimes, HIS daughter ... what is with girls and their Father's ..?  That might be another thought, but anyway, Me & my brother, and our step, Dunie, all have good relations with our Father.  That he stepped up once again and pulled a memorial off (what is it about times like this bringing out the worst in folks ..?) in my eyes mitigates what ever negatives about the man you can find.

It meant a lot to me that he did this for my brother.  He knew I was struggling to get the money together and he stepped to the plate wordlessly.  Which is a great way to segue into my next entry ... PARADOX, PARADIGMS, AND HYPOCRISY ... or HOW I CAN SEE THE FUTURE ..!



luvrte66 said...

Mark, I can tell that you think so much of your Dad, no matter that he's not your biological father. He sounds pretty cool.

As for Dads and daughters...I always felt (and still do) that my Dad "gets" me. I suppose we're fairly similar in our personalities, and I've always gotten the impression that Dad understands me pretty well. As I've gotten older, I've come to feel that way about Mom, too, but when I was a teenager? I was my Dad's daughter.


lv2trnscrb said...

that was neat, Mark, that your dad called you/your brother "his" when he didn't have to and that he is going to honor your brother in this way with getting the marker; you hear so many horrid tales of it going the other way; he seems like a good man!


buckoclown said...

How neat that your Dad is such a good man and father, even if not your biological.  My ex has been remarried twice, so my kids have had a bad, and now a good, influence in their lives.

davecubfan said...


A phenomenal post about giving and caring. You are clearly one of the best 'from the heart' writers that i have had the pleasure of experiencing.

..... and as the saying goes ........ 'the harder you work, the luckier you get'.

be well, dave

lisa41076 said...

Mark, you sound like you are a great brother, Love Lisa