Thursday, July 31, 2008

... Even Cowgirls Get The Blues


This is no mere infatuation.  I am arrested by her every time she comes on the tele screen.  She is SO out of rounds as far as a personal preference goes ... I sense her more than anything else.

If it was ten years ago, I would mention to someone doing whatever ESPN boxing show I was on, that I had a crush on her ... maybe it would get back to her like Mike Tyson's infatuation on Robin Givens ... er, on second thought, perhaps I would just have a crush on her from afar!


Do have the soundtrack ... on CASSETTE TAPE!  But the title sounded appropriate for how I have been feeling this week.  Who is there to cheer the relentlessly optimistic, when they have their moments?

The job situation was eating at me ... I was struggling to remind myself that things are STILL going well for me and that I should expect that to continue.  The worst thing that could happen, occurs a little bit every day, so I am always on the ready for things to go off course.  I was out riding in 48150, when I passed a woman out for her morning walk, who as she passed said to me, "That is what I like to see on a beautiful day like this, a smiling face!"

"Funny", I thought as I kept riding.  " I didn't THINK I was smiling!"

But that is where my core temperature is set ... on content.  And if you are content, then smile! 

The job mess, fretting about things that were non-essential AND out of my control ... deep down, I knew all of that, so I wasn't worried about things where it counted ... in my heart.  There was nothing to be worried about, so that is why I was 'smiling' when that lady saw me.  I was chill.


... but was brought out of the 'timelessness' of reflection by my current worries.  As of this writing, I will get a second chance ( yay me !!) and I will have to photo copy my schedule and NO MORE BREAKS.  In a way, it is sorta cool, because if I am view with skepticism, then no one will be trying to be 'buddies' with me.  I just want to come in when I amsupposed to, leave when I am done.  This time I am going to refine my focus, and be precise with getting to where I want to be.

The reflection on the four, five women (yes Daphine, you can include Nebraksa in this as well) in my most recent relationship lives is a relaxing thing, and I want to sift through the good and the not as good so I can do better next time.  I will still go thru them to get to where I think I am ...

... unless Sage Steele calls me!


toonguykc said...

I've known a few people that a just natural's normal for them.  I'm a natural frowner/scowler.


csandhollow said...

I am glad you are smiling. Today has been a smiling day for me also.

lv2trnscrb said...

no more breaks?? like you work your shift and you don't get a break or no more breaks in that you mess up this time and you are out of there? (I'm thinking its the latter one now that I thought about it for a minute; they have to give you work breaks)

I'm glad they gave you another chance; I think photocopying the schedule is a great idea; every time (and there have been a few) that my son's been let go from a job is because he got confused with when he was supposed to work because he didn't read the schedule right or read the wrong schedule etc.

it was a rough week for a lot of people I know; I had an earlier couple days of sadness and it was over my son's lack of job situation so I was stressing over that, but things are falling into place (no, no job, but I think he's not meant to be there, but where is the question); anyway, I'm much more content as the week goes on and I'm trying to patiently endure (I liked your definition of patience you left me)

and now I have got to go and see who Sage Steele is..................

take care of yourself and do keep on smiling :)


buckoclown said...

Glad you have a second chance, I know you will make it worth their while :o)