Tuesday, June 3, 2008

... traveling Highway 50 ...

On a loose fitting day ...

Okay, right now I am 'out' but I am on my way back 'in'.  I only had one early morning errand, and being out on a day like this, with my 'goal for the day' being so easily reached, leave me open to something random happening, something that I am not too sure will be good!  The days of just waking up and doing things off on a riff are going to be put on hold for awhile.  See, I haven't really finished 'decompressing' yet.

That is why I haven't really been able to talk too much about what I see on my day to day travels.  I never wanted to live in Detroit, but it wasn't because I don't like it, or think it is that bad (though it is, in some ways), but just that I want to be somewhere else, if that makes any sense.  I mean I have seen some bad urban places, some just BAD places ... Petersburg, Va comes to mind, around Richmond.  Baltimore, Philly and oh my, D.C. looked like a set from a Hollywood movie about urban blight when I first went there ...

... and I am sure there are other places where the light of hope shines through weakly.  It is just that Detroit is home, and it hurts to see her like this.


Yes Corrine, sometimes I do.

I wonder about my ability to function at an acceptable level.  I wonder about my mental processes, and if I am in denial about things.  The other day, chatting with AKA, I mentioned how I wouldn't mind buying a scooter ... she needled me, by reminding me of several 'misadventures' I had riding, and this was back a few years.  Logic would say that whatever was causing those 'incidents' didn't go away. 

Fine.  I won't get one.  Won't drive either.

Other than that, I don't have too many other worries.  My instincts are still sharp, and I can still 'read and react' pretty good.  I know what I really want is well within my reach and can be attained. 

Enough cheerful talk.  Time to hit the showers and shut 'er down.  Big day coming up tomorrow.


toonguykc said...

Don't underextimate the ability to read and react...that's well over half the battle right there.


lv2trnscrb said...

Mark, I wouldn't give up the idea of a scooter; I know some hospitals/clinics have assessment places where people can go to see if they are functionally able to drive, like after a stroke or other major illness; maybe you can look into that and get tested to see if it is even a reality?

take care of yourself over the next few days


rdautumnsage said...

Someone once told me, that if you have the ability to ask if your insane your not suffering from insanity...To me it goes the same way for whatever you have in front of you in life, if you can question it, access it...you have the ability to master it. (Hugs) Indigo