Saturday, April 19, 2008

See, Not THAT kind of hug and kiss ..!

Running through my mind, trying to deal, because right now, I feel as though I am running in through a marsh, splashing and stumbling as I struggle through to the other side …
… and it seems like the other side is sliding further away than it is drawing near.
Now, I want my music off of here.  That is as close as to being non-negotiable as anything.  Since I am not tech savvy, I decided to ask ‘braska for a little help.  I let it slip that I could use a hug and a kiss right now, and she joked me (I think!) about asking Mookie for a play!
Now, I didn’t want THAT KIND of a hug and kiss.  I wanted a Papa Trinidad hug and kiss.
…but Mark, WHO is Papa Trinidad?
Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad is one of the best fighter in any weight class in the last 15-20 years.  He has fought some of the best fighters from the 147 lbs to 160 lbs division in boxing.  He moved up to fight Bernard Hopkins a few years ago, and Bernard gave him what he came for!  Not getting all into it, Bernard was not only highly skilled and a veteran of the ring, but he was naturally a bigger guy.
But because he uses technical savvy to win his fights, he just beat up on Felix Trinidad, for virtually the entire fight.  It was sad to see, because it was what happens when a teen kid brother challenges his young adult older brother.  That isn’t a fight as much as child abuse!
Now Papa Trinidad is also Felix’s head trainer.  So he was WATCHING HIS SON GET AN A**WHUPPIN’.  Round after round, just having Bernard break off a little bit more, each round.  Finally, when the bell started for the last round, Papa Trinidad, who had to be feeling every punch along with Tito, gave his son a small hug and a kiss, before letting him go and keep getting beat on.
I have wondered at how difficult that must have been, as a father you know he wanted to get in there and stop the beating, if not help his son.  How difficult for him, the 9th and 10th rounds, with his son hopelessly behind, NOT to stop the fight.  No one would have complained.
But as a head trainer, you also have to know your fighter.  While Felix prolly would have gotten over it, no fighter, let alone one as good as a Felix Trinidad wants to be ‘stopped’.  He was up, and his reflexes were as good as can be expected.  His heart had to be tearing apart, what could he do?
So, with his beloved son, slowly rising from his stool, a small hug and quick kiss, before he marches off into getting more punishment.
That was the hug and kiss I had in mind.  Right now, I DON’T want to be ‘rah-rah’!  Yes Virginia, even positive cats have their times.  This is mine right now.
Arguably the finest statesman of a major power, in the 20th century if you ask me.  Don’t think so, then see if you can choke down ‘The Last Lion’, a huge but interesting book on Winston.  Like Mother Teresa, he too, had his moments. 
But it is that he kept functioning that showed his strength, despite his worries he kept his country together, and led them through the Blitz and to victory over the Nazi’s.  In a speech, he said this:  “This is the moment not to slacken.  All the races which the calendar holds, or nearly all of them, are won in the last lap; and it is then, when it is most hard, when one is most tire, when the sense of boredom seems o weigh upon one, when … the end seems to recede before us- like climbing a hill when there is another peak beyond- it is at that very moment that we in this Island have to get that extra sense of exertion, of boundless, inexhaustible, dynamic energy that we have shown… Tirelessness is what we have to show now …”
So, even though I could use Papa Trinidad right about now, I will just go with what I know, let my experience work for me, and play this hand …


dougsbabygirl31 said...

If you need help, you can ask me. I have no prob helping you oout. I am the Administrator on the computer here.


rdautumnsage said...

Ooohh that was a slight jab off a right hook from Nebraska...Stay tough and loved hon, we all have your back. (Hugs) Indigo

lv2trnscrb said...

that's the best you can do, Mark, just go with what you know

clueless on how to help you with your music; if my son was around more I could ask him since he knows how to do things like that, hoping someone else can offer their advice/services for that