Tuesday, April 1, 2008

... more observations from my Monday


Even though I can't dance A LICK, I enjoy dance/house/trance music.  It is said that that kind of music got its start in, wait for it --DETROIT!  So you figure, someone had to be listening to and buying the stuff. 

Dee-lite hasn't gotten together for a while, and that is the problem with those kinds of groups.  Their grouping is loose to start, and it is simply a love for the music and the environment that keeps them in it.  Unlike rock (hello Rolling Stones), or now rap (guess who I saw at the early bird dinner ... SNOOP DOGG!), dance-techno stuff is dependent on the movement of the moment ...

... speaking of 'Movement', there is going to be some GREAT ACTS at the Movement techno fest Memorial day weekend in Detroit.  To sneak out is not feasible, and to invite Mookie would not only delay me a month if not more, but would take some of the zip out of it for me, not only that, would send a terrible, terrible signal to her ...

... and I have had enough of sending out mixed messages for one lifetime.


Watching 'Regis and Kelly', they showed some of the behind the scenes crew with their fitness trainers.  I guess they have their own little workout thing going, and I really got jazzed, because I know must of that stuff that they were showing as their workouts.  So I am going to look into what I have to do in order to get the certification or what ever to be an actual trainer, and not just some 'fit guy'

Now, that is a line I cribbed from 'The Big Bang Theory'.  It seems that the neighbor girl visited the guys who were holding her mail while she was out of town.  She was getting over a flu or something, and one of the guys, a germaphobe, used that line as to why he is so paranoid about her bringing in her 'virus'.  I thought given yesterday's subject (in my diary), that it was pretty funny.

'How I Met Your Mother' was super funny too, at least to me.  It seems that the local lothario, Barney, had a past conquest spread the bad word about him, and he was trying to track her down.  Lily agreed to help him find her, with the hopes of him giving her a sincere apology.  It was funny, and it sort had a resonance for me as well.

Finally, 'Two and a Half Men' was clever too.  Somehow they get a good mix of sheer guy crassness in with enough charm to make it all go down smooth.  Yesterday, Alan had the chance to 'hook up' with an old friend, who he 'coupled' with while he was married.  She wasn't, and wanted to get at him.  But he was ate up with his insecurities, when their conversation weirdly turned to his ex and HER current husband.  It ate him up, and it was just good stuff!


Now, I did take a good day off, because of the weather.  I know it isn't cold or raining.  There is now sudden snow storm (but it is Michigan, and it HAS HAPPENED before), but there are high winds.  That is the weather that gets to me, more than the others.  I am reminded that if nature really wanted, it could just take me, whenever it felt like it, and throw me as far as it wanted.  I may do some chair push ups and sit ups, just to do something.

I want to go to the library because the connection is faster and better, and I can do more than one thing at a time.  Perhaps I will sit here and listen to 'Speaking of Faith', which was very thought provoking this past Sunday.  Anyway, y'all take it easy!

Oh, and Kathy Lee is coming to the 4th hour of 'The Today Show'!


dougsbabygirl31 said...

I sent you the info that you asked for. I love Dee-lite!!! OMG.... I always sing their song, "Groove is in the heart when I hear it. I am amazed honestly that Detroit doesn;t do more to preserve their music history. I know that the CAR is the huge thing here, but music is more where it is at for me. I love cars, especially the old ones.


lv2trnscrb said...

I said it before, I think you would make a good trainer!! I think its a great move too to get the certification for it!!

I liked your words "empty calories" you quoted I think 2 entries ago; I even used them in Koda/my diet journal; I'm going to remember to try to avoid empty calories in my new eating plan; thanks!! it was a great illustration; sadly, like I said in that entry, I've eaten too many empty calories for far too long

sorry it's windy in your neck of the woods; I know what you mean, wind is not my favorite weather condition to be out in


csandhollow said...

I was wondering, could you increase font size just a tad? bad eyes here.