Tuesday, April 1, 2008

... At the Library

That picture is a metaphor, at least for me ... that lonely, solitary drop in such a great body ... splashing out sending ripples hoping to connect to other ripples somewhere out there ...

Now, when I am 'at the Library', I want you to know that I am going to different branches here in the provincial town I live in.  Part of that is to get some 'side fitness' in, stuff I would do anyway on a day that I take off.  Another is to get used to going to different places, to force myself into adjusting to different surroundings.

I came here to listen to the radio show, 'Speaking of Faith'.  Because I listen to it regularly, I know that I don't want to 'hear' what I want to in order to bolster my case, but because I thought very good points were raised.  For whatever reason, I can't get it to play ... perhaps I will wait until the Mook's are asleep and steal away to listen to it at the house.

One of the problems that I have with 'non-faith' is that at some point, science stops.  It does and it just does.  So what is there beyond science?  Reason would have us think that there was something more than just what WE can explain, as there are many things that 'are there' that we can't explain.

Am I that into sprituality?  No, not going to even fake that.  I don't whenever someone wants to check me on it.  What I do say is that I spend time reading and 'meditating' on the subject.  Hebrews 11-1 is so profound that it is universal in its application.

I am going to leave this subject, and take it back for internal dialouge.  Faith is personal AND DOES NOT have to satisfy the needs of others.  So I will have to sort this out for myself.


... but to do that would be meaningless for me.  The interpretation changes, like the events in our day to day lifes.  No step is the exact same, ever.  I would put down one thing, and a few weeks later, that emotion would change and I would find another 'tag' for it. 

But I am thinking about relationships, and I am thinking about what I call, 'Rules To Live By'.  One is asking to be heard, and here it is ... 'If you fix your eyes upon details and neglect important things, your spirit will become bewildered, and victory will escape you.'

That came to mind, because that is part of why I don't talk too open about what is going to happen when I get back home.  I have to get THERE first.  It is fine to have a long range goal, and I have one, but before you do all that, you have to just get started.

Other than June, I am not setting any time tables, because that would add pressure to what is more delicate an operation than I can imagine.  It always is, when you have people's heart in play.  Mookie and I don't talk, part because she is a quiet girl, for real and always, and part because my ability to maintain is being taxed right now.  I don't feel like making nice with conversation for the sake of saying something.  I may say something catty, and next thing you know ...

... what's that song?  'Don't Rock The Boat'?

Today I went to the dentist ... not what I wanted to hear, but at least I heard it.  Tomorrow is a big day, as I have a MD appointment, meet with the girl who is helping me find work, and going to the DOWNTOWN library for my taxes.

Keeping things in order, doing them one at a time, I figure I would get to where I need to be.  Telling myself the old John Wooden line, 'be quick, never hurry' to get from one step to the next, and not to look ahead ...

... I hope that picture comes out right ..!  Got it from a journal, 'The Wisdome of a Distracted Mind'.  Good stuff!


lv2trnscrb said...

Mark, the picture didn't come out; now I'm curious what it was

you made me look up Hebrews 11:1; yes you are right; I personally like Hebrews 11:6, but the whole chapter, as you probably know, deals with faith of people in the Bible

good luck with your taxes, got to take care of that too here on our end


csandhollow said...

I get the quiet part. many times I say nothing, don't rock the boat thing.
I like the quote about victory.