Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In the Safe and Stable Homes ...


See, I am eating Butterfingers like there is no tomorrow … and though I haven’t been chasing them down with Soda, ALL OF THEM at least, I’ve been not as diligent about what I am consuming as I would like to be.

No Missy, I am not getting on the scale.

Right now it is a critical time for me. Getting on that scale would throw me off my stride, and I don’t need to be worried about that. And that is why I use the term ‘fitness’ instead of ‘weight loss/management’. See, weight loss means you have to DIET, and it is more difficult to work out of a negative to get a positive, than the other way around. By ‘fitness’, you are becoming more spiritually aware of yourself and your limitations, and you can slowly increase your boundaries, in a measurable way.

Today, I did what I call a ‘shuttle run’. I used this when I am combining my running with errands in the general area. Took me an ‘easy hour’, as I ran at a simple double-time, enjoying the morning sun. Did some stretches and later in the evening, some work on the chair and some abs- wheel to finish the day. Good enough, because with ‘work’, you don’t worry about ‘if’ something is allowed … YOU KNOW.

You know with no doubt, no shades of gray that you have done something to benefit you. You can feel it when you flex your bicep from swinging your arms when you are walking. When you pull off your shirt and you see you stomach tense and you can notice the winking of your abdominal. And of course in the shower, when your wash your butt cheeks and there is a little less ‘Jell-O’ to them and more solid a feel there.

All that is positive. That isn’t including the natural endo-rush that exercise provides. All this is first level consciousness, and like learning, nothing anyone can say or do, can change what YOU DID. Tangible, no guessing. One of the big things I like to hear is when someone says to me, ‘Hey, I saw you running way over there, and you finished up here?’, amazed at what I DID. Not what some diet guide told me, not what some crap piece of non-filling food is supposed to do, but something I achieved from straight effort, something that pays IMMEDIATE dividends.

After a nice walk, pay attention to how you calves feel. Remember that feeling, because if you can keep it up, it will last and not go away. Unlike a weight loss goal, you won’t be disappointed in getting fit. Your cardiovascular system IS improving, and you ARE able to more.

I tend to look at my weight every week to ten days, and not to fret if I am a little high, but to make sure I give myself a pat on the back. If I come in a pound or two (or even, gasp three!) up, I ask myself, ‘Did I do the work?’ which is did I do any exercise. If I answer ‘yes’ to that, I am not too bothered, as it means to ‘step away from the Little Debbie’s and stop going to the Grand Mackinaw shop (can’t remember the name, can remember the good pastries and coffee!) and get back on message.


‘Divertor’ was the name of a little snippet he put together for ‘SNL’, that mocked how the government would need something to take the attention off of their failings … and since Brittney is down, and Lindsay Lohan has her panties ON, lets bring out MILEY CYRUS!!

First of all, the joke is definitely on us. This isn’t a mere novice, this is the product of a well orchestrated marketing move. There is a great number of us who recognize this. I remember something about Brooke Shields when she was a kid… an ad or a movie, something. Man, what was the hoo-haw about that? Her Svengali was moving her, and it served her well. How much more of a ‘career move’ was this, considering her father has extended his 15 minutes into a decent enough career, and is willing to remain where he is at so that his daughter can take the ball and cross the goal line.

The one shot that I have seen, with her in the black and white with the bright lipstick on, IS NOT BAD AT ALL. Considering that ANNIE LEBOWITZ did the shoot, I thought it was actually tame. For those you who aren’t aware, Annie Lebowitz is easily one of the best photographers around, and she can take a rock and make it look sexy.

Another thing, it was in ‘Vanity Fair’, which is what you need to know about the big ‘controversy’. KT doesn’t read that magazine, and if Lexxie did, it would be to take notes, as she imagines herself in the public eye. Lil’ Mook is too urban to get that caught up in ‘Hannah Montana’, and Skye is a ‘prog rock’ girl … it would ruin her ‘slacker cred’ to be worried about that, besides, she is in high school … ain’t too many high schoolers still watching ol’ Miley.

The reason I think it is an alleged controversy is this, THE NYMPHET SYNDROME. It affects both sexes, and that is why there is so much noise about it. Unlike what is going on in Texas, which is morally repugnant, no matter WHAT you have as a faith, this is a little more complex and forces us to visit the ‘darker places’ in our souls.

For some, men and women, seeing a young woman, looking SULTRY not SEXILY through a camera, makes something inside of THEM move. And it frightens them. So there is a big hoo-hah, about something that virtually NO ONE in Miley’s ‘target demographic’ will even see. So how is that going to influence anyone? Perhaps was it on the cover, and you go to a Barnes and Noble with your little lass or lad, and they see ‘Hannah’ looking over her bare shoulder, back out, they MAY ask and want to know why she doesn’t have on any clothes …

So what do you tell them?

With Lil’ Mook, singing some of what passes for ‘music’ on the urban radio stations, sometimes the lyrics catch my ear, and I ask her about them. Then I give her my parental, ‘Hmm …’ and sometimes I may add a comment or two and go on. That is what involvement is. See, she is now aware of something that she didn’t see is in those words. I have already made a point of telling her about what some songs are saying and how people let them ‘tell how’ to behave.

Yeah, the big noise is about what Miley is doing to ADULTS. You don’t want your daughters to be objectified, stop buying them those hoochie clothes, and show them how a young lady is supposed to act. And while you are at it, GET OVER YOURESELF! Your time has come and passed, you were never cute enough to be objectified ladies, and guys, the reason you grew up and STILL didn’t get to meet the ‘Hannah Montana’s’ of your time, is because you are still a crap cat!

Whew! I didn’t get into my thing, cause I got to get that out of my way first. Will call my Dad in a little while to see what’s what. Cross your fingers!


lv2trnscrb said...

crossing my fingers, Mark

are you eating butterfingers because you're stressed? I found myself going back to comfort foods now since I'm stressing this move although I'm keeping up with exercise and trying to eat healthy; I like your concept about fitness versus weight loss

I haven't been following the Miley thing, thanks for a recap about it

I totally agree about not buying those "hoochie" clothes; I feel for young girls these days with what is available out there to buy; not much selection if you want to dress "decent"


malagutigrrl said...

I was walking through Wal Mart with Ma the other day looking at little kids clothes and saw the mostly discustingly SEXY clothes for pre toddlers.

And there is only one reason to have words writting on your ass, and that is to draw attention to them.  I don't care if all they "say" is DANCE!

Or is it me?