Saturday, April 26, 2008

... how NOT to leave a break up ..!


Okay, I like music.  But there is some music that while enjoyable, I don't need to here right now.  Like I READ others journals, and a couple of them were listening to Portishead, a super cool trip hop band ... but that isn't the happiest music in the world ..!  I felt like listening to their song 'It's A Fire' of their 'Dummy' release ... then I kept hearing their other good songs ... and decided I could put that back, and the Nine Inch Nails too. 

Think and act in your best mind!  Oh that goes for Morrissey too (though like 'Maladjusted', this is another stifled Friday night!)!!

The break up stereotype of listening to emotional songs, especially 'our songs' has never fit my program.  Are there songs for people in my life?  Sure there are ..!  And when I hear them, occasionally they will come to mind.  But it isn't for when you are trying to leave someone!!  Girls, women, just SLAY me when they openly sing lyrics lamenting a lost love that was malformed and just one incident away from 'Maury Povich' anyway.

What is up with that anyway?  I think I did that with an old Luther Vandross song ... "If Anybody Had A Heart" ... but I was what, 17, or 18 years old ..? 


I like that word, 'veritible'.  Walt Simonson used it in 'The Mighty Thor' when he had Thor fight THE WORLD SERPENT, JORMUGAND.  Great issue, story line and art.  Anywho, someone who reads my journal, csandhollow I believe, has mentioned that she has been on the spouses' version of Air Assault training ...


That is EXACTLY what I am talking about!  How could you NOT feel closer to a person by taking part in something like that?  Now, I wouldn't expect anyone to have boxed with me, but to walk around a track while I am running, or to do some floor work with me a couple of days a week, is that too hard to ask?  After all, I did go to the crap art fair with you (shh! Don't tell that I wanted to go myself!), and I stayed out of the way while you and 'the harpies' gathered for y'all gossip fest!

But that is what being committed is about, at least it is to me.  That was another reason for my journey with Mookie.  I had to know that I wouldn't break under the pressure to be selfish.  It feels super good to think that I can tell someone that I don't expect to 'crack' when we struggle, as most relationships inevitably do. 

"Make your experience work for you," is a slogan I have adopted for this year, for the rest of my life.  I don't know it all, but geez, I should know enough to do what I need to get done, shouldn't I?  I think so.


Can y'all believe that Betty cited my journal as one of her favorites?  That meant a lot, because I decided to put myself out here because I was tired of being alone.  It meant a lot to me, as her journal has helped me through this leg of my journey ... and so have all who have read this and left their words ...

... again, a special thanks to Betty ... I was blushing soo hard when I found out ..!  Anyway, I am going to try to get back close to being 'on message' next week ..!



lv2trnscrb said...

you are welcome, Mark; I meant every word I wrote too :)

any relationship should have their gives and takes; I sit through a "blood and gore" movie; my husband endures "a chicks flick"; its not too hard to ask for someone to want to do some of the things you find interesting especially if you are trying to do some of the things they find interesting to do

love your slogan; it is a good one :)

enjoy the day


luvrte66 said...

Congrats on being a Guest Editor pick!


shrbrisc said...

Thanks Mark for visiting my journal and please come back anytime , I do get caught up in my family and daily life but as the weight loss goes I find tips and try them but mostly I am learning as I go what works for me and mine, I truly believe it is a emotional,mental and physical problem not just physical but I also believe that you have to work on all three to succeed..
Congratulations on being pic and I hope to read a lot more from you