Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fitness, Fitness


No, I wasn't!  I was MAD ... and that was a 'polite mad'.  I am not often in the position of letting people take from me without paying a toll ... but I can chill, because me finding my own stroke will be more than enough ...

... the rest of this stuff will keep.


I am excited about 'The Biggest Loser' tonight! I fully expect that one of the girls, Ali or Kelly will be the winner.  They are STILL losing btwn 3-5% body fat, and I can see where they have more to burn off.  All of the men seem to be where I at, a plateau where they REALLY have to dig deep to get the weight off.

Unfortunately, women mentally, are a little stronger than the average joe.  The biggest problem IMO, women have with losing weight is convincing themselves that they can do it.  But once you do as Ali and Kelly have done, which is to buy in and be all in, a woman is as difficult a competitor as their is.

One of the things that is helping them is that they have Jillian, who is as 'Alpha' as any male, but by being a female, is someone they can identify with.  Subconsciosly, they have to be thinking, 'She is a girl and if she can do it, I MUST be able to do it too!'  Unlike girls on prior seasons, the two that are left, Kelly, overcame herself and Ali, from getting shorted out in a numbers game.  So by doing that, especially the 'getting over themselves' part so they could commit to the purpose, they weren't into being denied.

All that stuff about'pear shaped, apple shaped, advantages and disadvantages', are just WORDS.  If you buy into them, you won't get anywhere.  I thought that I would talk about my feeling that I am close to a 'plateau', but that would be a disservice to this entry.

While most of what I have shared about fitness in my journal is to be a benefit, being comfortable in a fitness center or gym is the next logical step.  Kelly and Ali would NOT have lost the weight they have, without going into fitness center.  To get those kinds of results, you HAVE TO go to one.  No, having the equipment at home won't do, unless you are really going to tamp down and figure out how to use it, have the room, etc. .  What I am sharing with you is to get someone started on the road to getting fit.  Once you become confident that you can get results, getting and keeping the 'first fifteen' off at home, a gym is next.

A lot of people are intimidated by the folks in the gyms, from the cats lifting all the weights, to the female energizer bunnies in the aerobic classes ... not to mention the hyenas sniffing around trying to run off with someone when no one is looking.

Screw 'em.  Here is where you keep you eyes on the road.  Do you, and don't let it be just a catchy freakin' phrase.  Do you!

When I run, I am as slow as all get out.  But I RUN.  I measure my time, and then RUN FASTER than I did the last time.  One second or one minute, it all counts in trying to get faster, fitter and healthier.  I have adopted an 'I'll take it' philosophy, as ' I know that I have done the work, I know where I made mistakes, and I resolve to correct the mistakes and stay on message.'  That is what 'I'll take'.

Sitting around, eating cinnamon rolls and drinking soda, isn't what 'I'll take'.  I only accept effort, of myself and others.  When effort wanes, that is what make me troubled.  So you see where my becoming fit, and my increasing displeasure with Mookie goes hand in hand.  And why I am so looking forward to moving beyond her, and this relationship.

I don't know about anyone else, but one thing that was ingrained in me is that you can have what you want, if you work for it.  It makes me weep to hear people complain about the good that they want in life, but are unwilling to make an effort to achieve it.  Fitness is a lot like that.  On 'The Today Show', Jillian spoke to the spiritual component to becoming fit, and the mental transformation that takes place.  When getting fit and becoming healthier becomes a priority in your lifestyle, your LIFE changes and becomes more fit.

This is why I have never been troubled by questions about my spirituality.  I commune with that part of my essence, and it has always been a part of my life.  If you are fortunate to have a partner, then make time and use this as 'couple time' and be in that moment with the person you love the most.  The benefits isn't just being a healthy person, phyically.  That 30 minute walk, or the time spent doing sit up and push ups will add to the fullness of your relationship.

It always does.  Not only are you loving yourself by getting fit, you are also loving your partner, because they get to share in your new 'becoming'.  And if their 'becoming' (yes, I meant that pun!!! Pretty clever, eh?) corresponds with yours, all the more better.


I hope it is the right one ... of Julie Moss( there's one of Sian Welch and Wendy Ingram that is just as legendary on there too ... and they were collapsing over FOURTH PLACE ..!) and her effort at losing in the Triathalon.  I defintely would rather go out like she did, coming from such humble beginnings, trying to do something great, than I would milling about like the rest of the herd.

She was just a college student, who had run some marathons, and thought she would give it a go.  That she nearly won was great too, but in her failing, she became legendary.  Like the skier on the 'Wide World of Sports' promo, or the Dad who son pulled a muscle racing in the Olympics and he rushed to the track to help him walk to the finish, life is made up a such things, small and large.  How these people dealt with them says more about them, less about the society that doesn't understand about giving your all, and everything to a cat like me ...


libragem007 said...

educational entry, I was absorbed by your words of self-motivating fitness knowledge...specially where you said if someone work for it, they'll get what they want.
so true.
Gem :-)
there are postcards entries being posted around Jland....check it out..you might have a postcard to share--maybe something about fitness.


lv2trnscrb said...

this was great advice, Mark, on fitness/losing weight. It is true, a lot of it is just getting it into your mind that you can do it and then sticking with that determination and not instant gratification like a cookie but delayed gratification, a healthier body

this video was inspiring to watch; not sure I would have had the gumption she did to finish, but admire her so for doing it


csandhollow said...

I know I need to go to a gym but our finances make any gym out of the question.
The irony of it all is at one time I used a gym to build myself up when I was battling anorexia. Now I am battling obesity with a deadly fear of diets. i am afraid that I will quit eating again.

abaleman666 said...

i need some good vegan running shoes....any suggestions????

i think that kids, esp girls, are way more preceptive then we want to admit that they can be, and little mook knows everything she needs to know already about you and her mother...and would prolly want to see the both of you in a better state, even if you were not together in the same household...