Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A couple of things ..!


I think that it was just wonderful to have Ali win 'The Biggest Loser'!  That she was going up against a former football player was fitting, because she was a competitive swimmer.  It made for an athelete vs. athelete showdown!

In the journal, 'Observation From My Cave', the journal posits Competition as the most crucial development to the advancement of mankind.  I tend to agree, but since I don't want to digrees, I won't go into here too much.  Women, IMO, tend to be much fiercer competitors, but I know this is sexist, but I think their primary biological directives, aren't 'set' for true competition, as it applies in a real world practice.

Women will 'compete' for affection, but they won't 'compete' for something they can't 'see'.  That is why I think men 'hunt' and women 'gather'.  The male mindset is one that can deal with risk and failure because of his short memory and attention span.  Whereas, a woman will remember the failure, and work to avoid it, or lose interest altogether.

But Ali, from knowing what it means to 'risk and fail' from her swimming, could do just as she said, when she was sent home, 'I will be back, and I will be 'The Biggest Loser', because in swimming, she understood how hard you have to go, and even if it would be a longer and harder road, she had set in her mind that she was ready to do what she had to do.

For Kelly, I think that she really 'got it', and understood that she was going to push herself physically.  Yeah, I know, I know, y'all get pregnant, and I won't belittle that.  But I remember training with world champions, and KNOWING I was going to get whupped on for anywhere to 16 to 24 minutes, and that my best was only going to either 1) less beat on, or 2) REALLY beat on.  But I had to do it.

Same thing in soldiering.  I liked the portrayal Meg Ryan gave in her movie, 'Medal of Honor', a little bit more than Demi Moore in her navy movie (y'all know the one, don't you? First female Navy SEAL ..?), especially when she tears up, and shouts at Lou Diamond Phillps that she wasn't crying, but that it was,'stress a**hole!'

Glad Ali won ... now women all over can see themselves achieving such an accomplishment!

QUESTION ... AS SERIOUS AS CANCER ... (Lyric from Eric B & Rakim song)

The other day, I had an interesting conversation with a bud about Mookie.  I told them that when she came home, it was business as usual, the stuff she talked about when she was in Vegas was just stuff she said on the phone in Vegas.

Then they asked if I expected anything different.  I gave an ambivalent (good word choice there, don't you think??) answer, as though my mind is made up, still, the part of me, which is something that is shared in most folks, the part that wants acknowledgement as a human being, that I matter was a little disappointed.  And they went on some short-sighted tangent about how I should expect this and that (as if this and that were related) considering that Mookie is clueless.

As I think my friend may be.

Anyone who has ever thought they were really in love, understand that as bad as things may be, leaving that person isn't a walk in the park, especially when you have invested your heart and soul in the relationship.  When someone talks to me about how they can't understand how I have put up with Mookie, I just think about what I HAVE MADE others put up with ... and considering that THEY AIN'T NO DAISY themselves, making up their own justifications and living with their own compromises, I am wondering how they get the nerve to be so very judgemental.

I think that I am going to let them stay where they are.  I will pick them up when I do what I have to do ... this person has become a 'drag co-effient' right now.  They think they 'get it' and they don't.  Perhaps it works in their universe.  The rest of the world operates to a different cadence, and my thing is, if it works so good for you, why don't you have more of what you want?

Simple enough question.  I talk about fitness, because I can do that.  Don't talk about building houses or car repair cause I can't do that.  Same with relationships.  What I know about them, I talk about.  What I don't, I am trying to discover.  Simple, right?

I know that I am sort of rambling on, but right after 'mean people', folks who 'know it all for you, and not for themselves', suck too ..!


lv2trnscrb said...

I didn't follow the Biggest Loser but I was amazed she lost that much weight, WTG for her and I hope she keeps it off

I would imagine it will be hard to leave, no matter if it is your choice and intent to do so, but like you said, you have invested time/love in this relationship and also with lil Mook; no matter how bad some of the cities we lived in, I was sad to leave them because they represented a period of our life that we can't get back and I wondered if we did what we were supposed to have done there, so I can see where your mind might be at

enjoy the day


lisa41076 said...

Mark, you are so right about what you said about investing time in a relationship and how it's not easy to walk away from it, I agree with you too about know it alls, ugh I have some know it all customers before and they suck !!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

rdautumnsage said...

The movie with Demi Moore was "G.I. Jane" and yes, of course I would know that one. I think from my point of view the stronger women don't look at it as a man's world rather, make it their world and strive for the best they can give. At least that's always been my mindset. I remember working as a printer, lifting 35-40 lb cases of paper all day long. I would have a male customer come in with a business suit, at least a foot taller than me and a good 70-100 lbs on me ask for someone to carry the job to his car. Imagine the look on his face when a 5'1 woman weighing a mere 100lbs. did the heavy lifting.

At the time I didn't see it as a helpless guy, rather the fact I COULD do it and not think twice about it. The only competition I've ever known was me...trying to better who I was in that moment...

As for not feeling anything when Mookie returned to being the same Mookie..It hurts, not because you didn't see it coming but as you said you invested time and love in this relationship. Until you leave there will always be some small hope that it had been worthwhile. (Hugs) Indigo

toonguykc said...

Leaving a relationship (or being left) is hard because there has to be a period of grieving for what is no more.  People cry at weddings because they know they'll miss a way things used to be.  I really believe that.