Wednesday, April 16, 2008

... I thought I could organize freedom ...

...HOW SCANDANAVIAN OF ME! (from Bjork's song, 'Hunter')

Not that I necessarily think that I can change people, but I do have an 'effect' that my Army sister called 'charisma'.  Have it?  In spades!  I am a nice guy, pleasant enough on the eyes, and my smile is 'light'.  For whatever reason, people 'feel' me as much as I feel them.

Even though it was just a weekend, I think Nebraska was able to see how I am, in that short a period of time.  Because after high school, connecting with others haven't been a problem.  In fact, I can get people to follow me.  So that is another curiousity that I have about Mookie.  I would like to know what it is, so that I can be certain that it is HER and not me ...

... but I can live with thinking it is her.  Oh, and another thing that I think my friend doesn't seem to understand, is that there is know dislike or animosity.  That doesn't occur in relationships I am in.  Folks who pretend the need to show their animus often are in a miasma of emotions that leave them sinking in a morass of their own making (thank you, 'Word A Day' page!).  I can't speculate on what they are used to, I can only share what my experiences are.


What do I tell my girls about boys, particularly Skye, as she is the oldest (and since I am on the clock still, count lil' Mook too)?  I tell them first, not to worry.  They KNOW you are there, in fact, you have been on THEIR radar longer than they have been on yours.

Second, be kind.  Being kind lends itself to thoughtfulness.  Thoughtfulness provide an insight to a person, and you can adjust better IMO.  When someone is mean and snotty, you just about guess what they are about.  Concealing yourself with kindness isn't a deception, it is just good, sound policy.

But girls can be cruel and calculating, as they are immature and not fully aware of their power.  Had I been able to have a little hand hold girlfriend in jr. high and in high school, I think I would have had a different relationship history.  It took me so long getting over myself, that I never accepted that I was a nice looking cat, and that people liked me based on my looks as well as my personality.

I think that is huge.  Think about the girls on 'The Biggest Loser' or 'What Not To Wear'.  It seems that their partner can't wait to get at them seeing their transfomations.  I am the one who never got over my transformation.  I go back over some of my older entries, and I STILL see my insecurity poking out.

Though I 'know' I am attractive, I still think that it is my personality that is the thing for me...


rdautumnsage said...

Love the word a day page. Miasma...just reading that word, makes me want to write it down somewhere. Your insecurity is your greatest asset. What? seriously, women don't want a guy who is so into himself he can't see his faults in front of him. Guys who think they are all that and carry that attitude, often end up shortchanged on personality and compassion. It's good to have a degree of self respect and know who you are. In my book humbling is more appealing than that of a glorifying look at me idiot.

Your words, your intelligence and compassion will be the assets you have that will give you what you want in a woman. Those are the cards that carry weight and substance. (Hugs) Indigo

lv2trnscrb said...

wise advice to give to your girls!


toonguykc said...

If I had a daughter I would pray every night that she'd become a lesbian!  (Not being a smartass either)  If you've known as many together lesbians as I have you'd understand why I feel that way.