Monday, April 28, 2008


... are utterly AMAZING

Five floating acres ... over 5k in personnel ... 'floating city' indeed.

The Pistons seemed to play better when I didn't watch the game, so I turned to PBS and checked out 'Carrier'.  I have been fascinated by Aircraft Carriers because they are so HUGE.  And what goes on, should be impossible.  The take off and landing of jets on a boat floating in water ... INCREDIBLE.

Listening to the young Naval personnel talk about how they came to the decision to join the service, with a little piece of their background peeking through certainly took me back.  I have thought that I could have used a bit more seasoning, and stayed for a second tour.  And though it was for the most part, a 'peacetime service', you don't train like it is just for fun, and then when you DO get deployed, you know it is for real!

The kids on the carrier, working in a dangerous situation as a matter of routine, not a specific mission is something that gets taken for granted.  People get busted up, learning how to defend the country and to make it safe ... they can even be KILLED training.

This episode had one of the glo-sticks that they are worn at night on deck floating in the water.  The ship went on a 'lock down' so that they could account for everyone on board ... it was a false alarm, and boy, the XO was HOT!  You don't play games like that, not in the service, without causing things to happen.  On 'Carrier', the young people got to tell what brought them to the decision to join the service, and I heard some of the reasons I used to sign up.

Even though I wasn't in a 'combat job', watching this episode reminded me that we all played a part in what makes the unit function.


That is something that I have been asking myself a lot lately.  Not as a physical place, but where are you from in terms of outlook, state of mind ... where are you from mentally.

The Army reinforced things that I had always wanted to believe in, how commitment, perserverance and unified effort can overcome most anything.  That is why I possibly could have used another 4 year tour in OD Green.  I keep reminding myself that part of me and Mookie's problem is due her being able to understand that principle ... but for a while, I didn't myself.  I am not 'single' because I did everything right myself now ...


Mookie was upstairs watching 'National body Challenge'.  First, she was a little stunned, as she would look at the girls, and one she thought was bigger than she is ... and she wasn't!  Now, I am still feeling a little hurt, and there is still a small, small part of me that wants some answers from her.  So because I look at fitness as something for a couple to do (it isn't a requirement or anything, but if someone keeps saying something about it, then hey, I am RIGHT HERE ... don't need Bob or Jillian!) together, and tighten their bond.

So with one simple question, all those 'what happened' and 'why' kinds of questions were bundled up nice an tight into one: "Are you thinking about joing the National Weight Loss Challenge'?  An affriming answer would have had me putting on my thinking cap, as to how I am going to get out of here.  But Mookie isn't into how I think, and offhandedly replied as I expected ... and to think, I used valueable mental capacity to record such a stupid answer.

With that, all the things that most people want to ask during a break up, was answered.  From 'What went wrong?' all the way through to 'Do you want to give it one more try?'  Because anyone who could give an answer as stultifying as the one she gave ... I don't want to wish ill on her, but she will get left with what she deserves when I leave ...

.... alone.





lv2trnscrb said...

I think my husband was watching that show today about the aircraft carriers; I caught just a brief few minutes of it, but they were highlighting the ships and the size of them as well as how many crew were on board; it looked like a fascinating show


buckoclown said...

When my brother was in the Navy, I got to tour a helicopter carrier, it was awesome, and the Nimitz was in the same shipyard.  

Hope you make your escape soon and move on soon :o)

mpnaz58 said...

Her answer was "no"?  I do hope you can move on from here, and soon...the situation seems to be draining you, something you don't need right now!  Take care...
xoxo ~Myra