Sunday, March 2, 2008

... waitin' on the State-Indiana game

Sunday Morning Surfing

Catching bits and pieces today. The Mook’s didn’t go to worship today. It’s a visiting day, and the congregation is riding out. Mookie’s car has been acting funny and she doesn’t want to put it on the road.

Went up and ‘watch’ TV. I parenthesized ‘watch’ because I am not a channel surfer. I find what I want to watch and leave it set. Mookie isn’t like that, so I just laid in bed with her and let her do her thing.

CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ was cool. First, anytime I get to check out Serena Autschul, is a bonus. Didn’t she start on MTV? Anyway, she is a good looking woman, bet that.

They did a feature on Herbie Hancock, and he spoke of what Miles Davis did when he got married … FIRED HIM! Reminded me of how I thought it was chauvinistic to think that a woman could bring you to ruin in boxing as well. Uh, it happened to me! But I tend to roll with the Robin Harris joke (listened to a tape of his last night) about why he has his ring on the wrong finger … “Cause I married the wrong woman!”


Though I don’t think she would have ever gotten my vote (unless she wins the nomination), the Hillary Clinton that debated last week and the lass that showed up on SNL was the ‘electable’ Hillary. Like John McCain, the change makes me view her even more skeptical about her. Too bad she wasn’t like this from the start. She looked like this really mattered during the debate, though when she pressed Barack Obama on Farahkhan, she looked bad, as he properly was dismissive of her. Just too bad she wasn’t this ‘human’ from the get go. She looked like the New England Patriots all the way up until the actual race started!


Some really good comments have been left, and I really thank everyone who has chosen to give their opinion. Part of why I am out here, is that as the ‘road team’, there are moments of intense isolation, and everyone that I would like to talk with are far away and dealing with their own problems. So the comments, and constructive critique really means a lot to me.

Now, the difference between me and say, a cat like ‘Baby’ Joe Mesi, a heavyweight who is still fighting despite having bleeding found on his brain, is that whatever cause the bleeding could have healed. What I have are ‘dark spots’, which means there are things that are lost to me … think John Smith in the Stephen King book, “The Dead Zone” (not the crap series with Anthony Michael Hall!!!), walking around still functioning pretty well, just that there are some things that remain out of focus.


I have been told that I analyze things too much. I disagree, because if I did, I don’t think I would have gotten into some of the scrapes that I have been in! So even though some of what I have been told, in essence I may ‘know’, it isn’t going to hurt to hear it again. And again. And yes, perhaps again!

My days as a ‘first time go’ are in the long gone and by …

AS ¾ IS TO 75% …

For those who have made this mess of mine ‘appointment reading’, let me explain a little bit of the three women who orbit my life through our connection with our daughters.

Nixxie is a girl I met in Carolina. She went to Virginia Union, and I think I met her messing around at one of her softball games. Anyway, we were cool with each other, and started dating. We had realized that we weren’t going to be THAT COUPLE, but one of my ‘odd’ faults is that I don’t believe in having ‘bad times’ with people. You can always hang with me, and we will find something fun to do. She liked that she could call me, and have a partner to ride out to Raleigh or up 95 to DC with at the drop of a hat.

When we had KT, we talked all that out. By that time we had stopped hanging, as she thought she found a cat. Things would become complicated of course, but I had moved on as well, this was where Pecan Sandie came into play.

This is where the line above the mathematical comparison applies. See, there isn’t anything that will make me ‘like’ my first wife, other than the respect and decency I have for all human beings. Well, if you put the possibility of reinvention to Sandie regarding me, you better knuckle up … those are fighting words!

She did really care about me, for real and she is a ‘ride or die’ woman for that special guy. But she has a mercurial temper … and while I was mature enough not to fight her back, she had that kind of malice in her … and anyone who has been through that, knows how that feels, that lone splash of acid in the pool of your heart.

We did make it to the ATL, and that is where it fizzled out. But I never stopped caring about her as a person. She gets along famously with my Dad and his peeps, and when they come up for Easter, that is where her and Lexxie will hang out.

It would be my luck, that if I was the last man on Earth, my first wife and Pecan Sandie would be the only women left!


lv2trnscrb said...

and that would be good luck right? (your last sentence of your entry)

I think this is the first time that I read that a woman channel surfed instead of the man; we tend to be the other way here, makes me dizzy at times

hope your team won


rdautumnsage said...

I hate channel surfing with a passion....It's one of those things that definitely puts a bee in my bonnet...To me it reeks of impatience and a very SHORT attention span. If your can't find some patience with a small thing like watching television, how the heck are you going to have any patience on the more important things in life....

Ex's.....someone once told me, there is no escaping them. They take pieces of you with them and never let go....(Hugs) Indigo