Saturday, March 22, 2008

... still beatin' that dog ..!


... on signs when you know 'It's Over'.  I have a STRONG affinity for Carolina.  I admire UNC, because Dean Smith graduated his players at a near 90% rate, which meant the brothers who played for him got their degrees (same kind of admiration goes to Bobby Knight, methods be darned!) and became for the most part good citizens.

This is not to say I alwasys cheer for UNC. I do like them enough.  I don't like Duke, but again, I admire Coach K.  Anyway, UNC were playing Mt. St. Mary's, and Mookie kept trying to rag on Tyler Hansbrough, the star for the Tar Heels.  I stopped and thought for a sec.  She is picking at me, because she wants to shift my attention.  Ooh, how quaint and cute, and pathetically too late.

I was a little tired anyway ... had in fact dozed there on the couch.  I went upstairs and went to sleep. The Mount St. Mary's NEVER beat the North Carolina's of the world!


I am up!  I finish the game, watch a little 'Animal Planet', then the news and Leno.  Jay Leno was interesting with his segment, 'Jay Walking, Easter Edition'.  He was out in the streets, asking facile questions regarding Easter and Christianity in general.  It made me weep on the inside a little, that I knew the answers to all the simple quetions and the passerbys didn't.   Adam Carolla pluggin' his latest movie, 'The Hammer'.  I guess it is about a boxer who never goes amateur, and is 45-years old, trying to make the Olympic Team.  It is an intersting concept, one that is near to me, because I had considered never turning pro, and just boxing as a 'Simon pure' for the rest of my life.  As he said on the show, the Cubans were winning so often, because they were sending 35 year old men to fight our kids ... this is true!  The one Cuban I fought must have been 28 AT LEAST ... I was 17!  Youth is NOT served in boxing and football ... you will NEVER hear about the 'LeBron James' of football!

Geraldo Rivera was also a guest, plugging his book and he made some interesting points regarding the division between the 'black and the browns'.  I don't think blacks are aware that other minority groups DON'T THINK LIKE US ... they have their own interests, and a different political agenda.

Finally, I am able to doze off ... Mook finally made it to be, and the verdict has long since been in, but she DOES snore that badly!

Have a great Easter!  Enjoy the Thompson Twins!


lv2trnscrb said...

I didn't catch Jay Leno last night; wish I had; his Easter Jaywalking segment seemed interesting

Happy Easter to you too, Mark


rdautumnsage said...

Wishing you a loving, peaceful holiday my dear friend! (Hugs) Indigo

toonguykc said...

I loved seing Duke lose!  I'm no fan of the tarheels either.  GO JAYHAWKS!!