Wednesday, March 5, 2008

... and now for someting completely different

... appointment at the job agency ...

Got a new person to help me find a job.  How all this relates to me going to Detroit is a bit of a stretch, so just work with me here.  Anyway, waiting for the program lead to come and get me, I am sitting with the rest of the would be job seekers ... and I swear 'I am not making this up!'.

This cat is sitting down, and this rough-cut female comes in.  They know each other and they started chatting.  The talk about his latest relationship and I really thought I heard the girl respond, "... So and so is who you are with?  You that is my ex!"  WTF!?!


Still waiting, I see this lean, about 5'8 young lady ... and my eyes started to act on their on!  I am pretty sure that this isn't just going to be a simple restart for me, but a process.  The women that are holding my attention aren't the typical 'Mark' women.  There is something stirring, and it is going to be a different kind of thing for me.


The new lady that is going to help me find work is named "Lexxie"!  I told her that I am getting ready to host my Lexxie, and we had a little laugh.  Not only did the three of us have a good meet, but good conversation regarding Clarence Thomas (I was taking his memoir back to the Library and was in my bag).

Good deal!  That is the kind of conversation that I literally need to keep my wheels greased and working!


There was a light snow last night, maybe an inch.  I am riding my bike when a flood of familiar memories start riding with me.

It was on a day like this, years ago that me and my brother made a ride out to the O.C.  Let me tell you now, that THERE ARE HOMOSEXUAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS IN THE NFL.  No, I won't out anyone, but I know because one of them had the temerity to HIT my brother ...

Don't know how they met.  My brother was a top shelf skater, and maybe it was through that association they met.  Who cares because I was living my own 'vida loca' boxing all over the place.

I just remember getting a 'come here' call from my Mother and because I actually did 'have it like that' at one time, told my job that I need an emergency week off.  It helped that I was a good and hardworking employee too.  So I caught a plane and headed home.

Was so NOT prepared for what I saw.  What this cat did ... someone had to pay, because it cost A LOT to do this to my brother.  Now, I had a conversation with my Mom years ago, when the eldest girl hit her legal age, that I will give them one 'get out of jail' card, where they can get in a personal mess, and I will come and 'fix things'.  The eldest girl used her's and my best sister hasn't had the need.  The army twin call on other family members when she used hers.

I gave one to my brother (actually, his was unlimited ... that is a different conversation too), and this was his.  This cat, who played for the NFL Lions, found reason to hit and beat on my brother ... THE FIGURE SKATER.  Now, I am thinking as you get to know someone new, you tell them about your family, right?  I know that it may sound a little beyond belief to tell someone that my former Army brother is a world-class boxer, but it is true.

In short, though I didn't live in Detroit, this cat HAD to know I existed.  But I guess since I didn't live there, he figured he didn't have to believe the story.


Seeing my brother like that ... the world sweetest and kindest person ... still makes me upset.  Now, that this is a payback story isn't the point.  The point is when it comes to fighting, something comes over me.

The world seems to start moving slower and my senses are sharper.  My mind relaxes and thing come to me, like the solution to an equation or formula. 

I told my brother, pick a home game (it was football season).  He did, and I told him, I will be back and we can visit 'Mr. Man' then, but do this in this fashion ...

Plan in place, I left.  Two weeks later, I was back.


The Metro area is a donut, with empty Detroit at in thehole in the center.  Most anyone who has newer money, especially the atheletes, are all out in O.C. or further out.  So I set it to where my brother would make a meet at one of their usual 'hiding spots' for a late dinner or what ever ... just get that punk out of the house and in the street!

Now, my brother, bless his heart, was not wanting this cat to get hurt.  I promised that I was just going to 'make my acquaintence', I wouldn't make it a 'happy birthday'.  Reluctantly, we drove out.

They sat in the restaurant, and talked their talk.  I could see from outside that the conversation was a little charged.  When they started to pay the bill, I made my move.

As they came near, he stepped out first.  He made some crap comment to my brother, and I was like 'Hey, you shouldn't talk to anyone like that.'  He looked at me with a sneer.  He was 6'1, about 200lbs.  Small only on a football field.  My brother came out, and said, "Football Player, this is my oldest brother, Mark."

I don't know exactly what was said.  I am pretty sure that I tried to say something light, to disarm a little.  Didn't matter, because I knew what I was looking for.  Baby bro, had told me the cat was trying to learn some martial art stuff ... SO?!? But any intel is good, so that gave me a specific to look for, as I know cats like that are eager to show it off when they first think they know something.

The thing went down in less time than it is going to type these few lines describing it.  But being engaged in something, you move in the time of timelessness.  Senses heightened and on alert, I made my move ... a soft easily seen right hand.

He did some chop-socky thing ... but like I said, he is new to this ... boxing is my LIFE.  The soft right hand was to do two things: 1) Get me a little closer, as he had more range 2) Make him move off of his stance.  See, the set up was for me to dip on my front (left leg) put my head in his chest and RIP a left hook to his liver.  That was the scoring punch.  Because my weight is there, and the saying is 'if you hit him with one left hook, why not hit him with two?', I brought a hook to his chin.

The left hook is my bread and butter, honey turn off the lights and lock the door punch.  But even so, that is still the set up for this.

A lot of thought was put into this.  He had no idea.  This was part of a four-punch combination.  The first right to move him and get me close, the hook to the body to pull up to him and get him thinking.  Being thisclose, the hook to the chin to rip his head out of place.  Then a BIG right hand over the top, with all my weight on it from my back leg (which is where it should be, if you throw your hook correctly).  The result?  Crumpled punk football player.

And with that, we left.  See bro, I told you it wouldn't be too bad!


mpnaz58 said...

I certainly wouldn't want to be on your bad side!  Say you land a pretty good job where you are...still moving?  Could you live in the same city as Mookie, and not have to relocate?  Perhaps a whole change of scenery is good.
xoxo ~myra

lv2trnscrb said...

wow, that was an interesting story with you/football player

looking forward to reading more about your job prospects; I would have enjoyed watching the people at the job agency; I'm a people watcher by nature; I enjoy going to the Department of Motor Vehicles just to watch people there; I need a life, yes I know :)