Monday, March 24, 2008

... and I do what I wanna doo ..!


Honestly, do we really care anymore? Because I know that so few Americans have links to the Military, that now that we have passed 4,000 casualties, it barely seems to be registering. We have been dealing over there longer than our own Civil War. Involved longer than we were in the second World War.

Is Iraq to us, what Afghanistan was to the old Soviet Union?

Speaking with Gen. McCafferty, he talks about how shaky the politics are over there, with the Shite, Sunni, and the Al-Queda in Iraq, all jockeying for position. Don’t know if anyone in power has noticed, but that area has been anti-western ETERNALLY.

Can you say failure? All those good lives … lost.


With Bill Richardson’s ‘back door’ support of Barack Obama, the Democrat race is turning into a street fight. The Clintons are going into their bag o’ tricks to pull this one out. If they gotta go down, they are bring EVERYBODY with them.

The numbers that caught my attention is 37 and 26, as in 37% of voters who back Hillary WON’T vote for Obama, but flip it and only 26% of Barack supports say the same about Clinton.

That ten percent gap makes me think of those closet liberals, the wine and cheese crowd, driving their hybrids and their vegan diets, with their adopted child from S.E. Asia, talking about the big bad conservatives, but unable to find it in their Lollapalooza heart to vote for a black man.

Simple as that.

Now, I AM NOT sure that Obama has a vote on my ballot. Does that make me a self-loather? Don’t think so, but I am calling out the wine and cheese crowd … phony liberals, just as racist as the Dixiecrat party.

… you know, most black people don’t realize that it IS the Republican party that let the slaves go, and that in choosing between the lesser of two evils, that historically, it was the DEMOCRATS that …

… ooh, this ain’t that journal. Sorry about that. Don’t want to know your politics. Just do me a favor and vote your conscious. Over 4,000 cats paid the price so you could vote for someone you would trust with your child’s life, so do that, do that.


Apparently, this cat was riding his ATV and got into a bad accident. He was clinically brain dead, the organ harvesting team had landed and was IN THE HOSPITAL when his Grandmother prayed for a miracle. He had relatives that worked in the hospital and was in the room with him. The guy relative, took a knife out and ran it along the bottom of his foot … and the leg jerked!! He then stuck it under the fingernail and he yanked back his arm!! The cat, not only was alive, his functions were still going on!!

He still has some ways to go, but the guy has almost all of his stuff back. His memory needs to be prodded, and though it seems he can’t pull thing up, if you give him something to work with, he can remember it. His body is coming back, and he looks forward to driving again (uh, but I am not … I have to let that one go). He even is going to ride an ATV again … this time WITH an helmet … WTF?!? See, when I talk about boxing, I will use all appropriate measures, and I won’t let myself believe that I can when I can’t. Some young cat runs me out the ring, I will stay out, maybe coach someone up. Which brings me to …


Weighed at 214.5. I know that last week I had some back sliding on the diet stuff, but NOT ON THE PHYSICAL STUFF. If anything, I put more into it because I had cheated in my diet. Now, I am at my ‘right’ weight, but here is the thing. That BMI chart says I am still ‘overweight’. So now you can see where my goal is, to reach that magical BMI weight.

Losing weight is like how my relationship has unraveled. Slow and steady, both have come down, and to be honest, I am very pleased with the results. Me and Mookie still get along, and she has even made my optometrist appointment. Today is lil’ Mook’s birthday and she has already opened her gift from me, an iTunes card.

Not quite how I would have liked for it to happen, but hey, no worries. When Mookie was leaving, looking all fresh and nice for work, I told her that I still loved her … she replied, ‘Even after all I have put you thru?’

“Yes”, I said. “But I didn’t say I wanted to stay!”

She smiled at that. “I still love you too.” Then she walked out of the door.

And out of my life.


lv2trnscrb said...

Happy birthday to 'Lil Mookie

I totally agree with you, Mark, we got to vote our conscious; the important thing is we got to VOTE; I can't tell you how many journals I read that people don't vote and have no intention of voting this time around; you are right, too many people have lost their lives to give us that freedom to vote, to honor them and their sacrifice, we need to get out there and exercise one of our basic freedoms and one that is soooo easy to do too; how complicated is it to keep up with the issues (because those who don't vote still know the issues because they can discuss/debate them) and then get to a polling place and vote? Makes no sense why people refuse to vote

Great looking weight!! I commend your diligence with it and your motivation to get yourself into shape!!

enjoy the day


dougsbabygirl31 said...

Even if I could vote here in Michigan ( I can't) I am not sure who I  would vote for. I do know who I wouldn't vote for though. I would not vote for Hillary. Yeah I would LOVE to see a woman President, however, maybe one day there will be a woman with some experience running something(i.e a business, a corner store, a life,etc....) that I could vote for. She ain't it. Yes, I know about the 4,000 deaths.I mourn every one of them. But I support the troops. I hate the war bt I support those who are fighting it.


csandhollow said...

WTG with the weight. Politics are  not something I will discuss. I do not pass on those emails either (unless it is Bush LOL)