Monday, March 24, 2008



... caught your attention!  I am at the library, on my way back from my therapist.  The subject is a lyric segment from a band, Cop Shoot Cop.  The song is called 'Relief', and I would not be surprised if I am the only one outside of the band and the folks in the studio when they made it that has heard it. 

Therapy went well.  He thinks that June may be a better date, if I can manage it at all.  He brought up SEVERAL strong points, but of course, understands.  So do I, so I am here trying to diffuse (like that word ..!) some of my emotions.  See, I am feeling like I feel (from the song, 'Free Yourself'), and I don't want the girls to see it.  Sometimes may eyes well with tears, because I am happy that I can honestly see myself somewhere, that if I don't belong, I am accepted for who I am and what I can contribute.  Don't want them to be misconstrued as something else ...


This song is pretty self explanatory by its title.  From the L.A. ska band, the video is super cool, for real.  It captures the feeling that you could imagine in a conversation between two friends, one of which needs to lift himself up out of something.  I guess someone has felt like that regarding me during this relationship, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I HAD to do this.  And any good General will tell you, you want to gain victory with the least amount of bloodshed possible.  Everyone in this thing will be able to step back, and go their seperate ways, enriched by the experience.

What more could you want?  A cookie? Anyway, it is a fun, super kung fu mega cool video.  Check it out on You Tube!  Even if you can't dig the song, it is the fun that the cats are having, that go with the song!  The lyrics I can imagine either Nebraska or my B.F.F singing them to me, trying to shake me up!


The classic song for couples that start with that ignorance of the world, armed only with a love for one another, that finally, wearily ends with people growing apart ...

... no need to eloborate further.


Y'all do know I can't dance, right?  So how did THIS party mover get on my play list?  Well, the Jaye Beez's were part of the Native Tongue rap collective that include Latifah, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul, along with Monie Love.  Since I already listened to De La and Tribe, I picked up the Jungle Brothers tape too.

Yeah, they were super socially conscious (check out 'Beyond This World' to find out how they sound too), but this song, was a flat out body movin' party song.  It lifts my soul, and I feel light listening to it.  It maybe super dated, but it is still funky enough for me!

It means I feel kung fu mega cool.  For real.

This is an amicable thing, and I am glad for that.  Nixxie and I had that kind of split ...  so did me and Delta Girl ... Pecan Sandie and my first wife, not so much.

So I am at .600 on the break up meter!


... my station is between two cats ... the one on my right is on a site for single men, if you catch what I am throwin' at you ... the one on my left is checking out some hardcore porn ...

...freedom ... you gotta love it ..!

Enjoy Sparks!



mpnaz58 said...

Our libraries have blocked "those" type of sites because families, kids, could see, and these men (I know thats sexist), didn't care...freedom...yeah.  It caused quite a stir, because well, shouldn't people be allowed to view what they want?  First amendment or something...anyway, the main argument that disallowed this type of viewing was that it was a public place.  I'm surprised the ACLU didn't make the libraries put in computers in a private area...cuz you know, rights and all :)
xoxo ~Myra

lv2trnscrb said...

oh my gosh, I had no idea a person could access porn through a library computer!! I thought they would have all those sites blocked!!

June seems like a good time to make a new start; end of the school year, beginning of summer, a very good month :)


lisa41076 said...

Mark, thanks for visiting, OMG Fast Car is a  great song, I loved it when it was first out and still do today, Hugs Lisa

csandhollow said...

Never be able to look at it at our library. Itis right in front of the desk. LOL

rdautumnsage said...

In consideration 3 months doesn't seem so far away. You can feel how overwhelmed you are with the situation at present ((Hugs)). I know it's small comfort - just know your in my thoughts. I honestly believe there is a song for each and every emotion we have ever felt. I think the two of us are almost twins in that thinking. As for porn at the Library...It's amazing with all the information in front of them, that is their choice to preview. I would think a little intellect would be a preference. (Hugs) Indigo