Friday, February 15, 2008

... it was FUN ..!

... but those are the songs in my mind ... not trying to say anything ... now on to the show ...


Man, it felt good to be productive again.  I am at the downtown branch, shelving books and pretty much doing what they ask me to do for two hours.  People who aren't 'club members' can't really relate to what I am feeling.  I mean there isn't ANY DOUBT that I am not quite what I was ... because there isn't anything that you can see immediately, I thought I could 'pass'.

But Nebraska in her review, said she picked up straight away.  That is when I decided to kick my fitness work into a higher gear.  If I am slipping like that, then I want to get my 'Sammy years' in and live what I got left!  I already got the guilt and the shame, may as well as get the rest of the good stuff left!


Uh, I don't think anyone really gets what I get ... I feel like Huey in one of the 'Boondocks' strips, watching the nightly news and he turns and says 'I don't see the same news everyone else sees.'  The point being that the perspective he has is different from the majority watching the same story.  I always get that.   I rarely see the same thing that others see.  Why can I (because I rarely, rarely do) watch 'Flavor of Love' but not 'I Love New York'?   Because my internal compass won't let me.  Enough of me is bothered by it.  For instance, Eddie Murphy's 'Nutty Professor' was cool, but the rest of that crap he did, was just that, crap!  I liked 'Birdcage' but didn't care for Martin Lawrence in 'Big Momma's House'.  There are certain caricatures that are mean spirited no matter what or who does them.  In fact, with Eddie Murphy ... oops, running on a tangent, gotta come back ..!

Alright, so Valentine's came and went.  But what the real gift was that I managed to pull it off.  There were obstacles all around, from not having all the proper ingredients, to having my timing thrown off.  I did it, and for me that was a win.

And I did say that this year was going to be about me, right?  I put something out there that I HAD to reach for.  I do think that people mess themselves up by looking for something back, especially when they go thru the motions themselves.  If you have a lazy jab going out, you will eat a right hand when it comes back!

Well, my head hurts and I am a little weary tonight ... y'all have the best weekend out there ..!


skinnymclinky said...

Hi, thank you soo much for coming over to my little journal. Your comments mean alot to me.
You are more than welcome to copy, snag or sneak off with anything you see on my need to's...COOL! Very Cool!

aka Skinny McLinky
That very "cool" chick from across the way....see now you got me saying "that" word, hehehe

lv2trnscrb said...

Mark; I hope you did enjoy your time at the library; shelving books,like I mentioned before, seems like it would be a comforting thing for me to do and a sense of accomplishment to see something put back where it belongs

you do think differently than others, LOL (its a good thing, but it keeps me hopping when I read your entries; gotta do some serious thinking myself afterwards)

enjoy your day/weekend


rdautumnsage said...

I'm constantly looking for the see things in a way only I can see them. Being deaf gives me that, it made me slow down and notice life around me. One of my favorite sayings is "When you quiet the noise in your mind, you can finally hear what your heart has to say." I tend to see things from a very introspective point of view. The library gig sounds perfect for you. Glad you were able to pull Valentine's Day off without a hitch. (Hugs) Indigo