Sunday, February 24, 2008

Enjoying myself

… pre show …

Listening to Vanessa Williams’ interview with Barbara Walters, her relationship with her former husbands is the telling thing for me. Her obvious affection is something I am jealous of ..! Sure, my first wife has some feeling for me, but my manager won’t make the match … the size difference is STILL to great and she is stronger in the clinches!

Sitting alone in the basement watching the Oscar’s. It doesn’t have the same resonance for most men, but I am not most cats! I wouldn’t mind calling my buddy Hutch, but I know he is deep into this stuff … would be beyond him to be at a party over a good friend’s house … she is a theatre mucky-muck at EMU and has the ginchiest parties.

Looking at the red carpet does nothing for me, as I can’t really tell who is looking ‘fierce’ and who isn’t … but FAYE DUNAWAY, who I remember for more than ‘Mommie Dearest’ (‘Eyes of Laura Mars’ anyone?) and I guess for the timing, she has a ‘fierce’ coming from me.

I do wish that I had seen ‘Michael Clayton’ when I hung out with ‘braska last fall. I so rarely get the opportunity to see a film that I am legitimately interested in with someone. Not that the movie we did see, ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ was a disappointment … it was on MY list.

To see the Oscar list, and of the movies nominated, three of them were on my personal ‘want to’ see list, I feel a little frustrated. Both ‘Clayton’ and ‘… No Country’ had brief runs in the middle of nowhere, and the have brought ‘Juno’ out for another stroll.

But ‘Juno’ doesn’t necessarily seems like it should have been that big. Haven’t seen it, just my vibe. Just as my personal choice is going to be ‘… No Country’. It seems like I would like it very much.

Hiliary Swank!!!

Is kung fu mega hot! She just broke my heart in the movie ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. She seemed committed to her character in ‘Million Dollar Baby’ no doubt, but do anyone remember her turn as a police officer in the movie ‘Insomnia’? I saw the original version at the DFT … while I thought the Swedish(?) version a little more intense, Al Pacino and Robin Williams did a real good job with the material.

Helen Mirren looked good on the carpet as well. But that is about it for me. The evening’s winner as far as I was concerned ,was Vanessa Williamswho did the interview with Barbara Walters. That girl has its sooo together!

But Katherine Heigl scores EXTREMELY high in the ‘gettability’ factor, as in, ‘if she wanted it, she could get it, as much as she liked!’

… gonna get back into the show … here’s hoping for ‘… No Country’!

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lv2trnscrb said...

I haven't seen any of the movies nominated this year; my son and friends saw Juno (a girl picked it for them to see; he wasn't impressed with it, but he's 18, LOL)

Hillary Swank was good in Freedom Writers; I haven't seen Million Dollar Baby, but want to one day

enjoy the show! our local paper, with me living so close to Hollywood, will have a big spread in it tomorrow on who wore what