Wednesday, January 2, 2008

... rounding third ...

The 'Biggest Loser' was on last night ... couples.  I really enjoy watching the show.  I pick up some tips and often, validation.  I have long been a Brita filter guy, so that they have a promotional deal with the show, was quite timely.  So was the use of water instead of sports drink.  If you thought bottle water was a rip off, sports and energy drinks are even more of one.  Thing about the energy drinks is, not only are they a gyp, I personally feel that they are potentially harmful.

Did NOT make a round trip on my bike to my session.  The snow was a little too much.  Did manage to do roughly half of the trip.  I guess you could say that I 'cheated'.  There isn't an excuse, at least not for me.  I didn't get it done.  What now?

You move on to the next session, put what ever you did in the books and move on.  There is no such thing as 'making up'.  You press on, and keep to the script.  When the session you missed comes up, stick to the schedule.  Any 'extra' you do, is just that, extra.  You can't get what you haven't done, but you can build and move forward.

...that said ...

'London Calling' for my money <and apparently, just mine> is one of the best songs by the Clash.  The are 'The only band that matters', and if you don't me, Google that phrase, and see what comes up.

I am listening to an old 'Mark Mixtape' and the older stuff that I listened to still sounds as fresh as it did when it was in heavy rotation.  The first few song on this tape, 'London Calling, 'Sony' by Big Audio Dynamite ,<fronted by Mick Jones, when the Clash broke up>, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.

'London Calling' has a super cool video of the band on stage playing.  The energy from the band is strong, and it translates through the video. 

... about to get logged out ... might finish this thought later ..!

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