Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Irony ... ain't it something ..?

... today I am going to my therapist ... so today's work is usually done on a Monday ... so, ready ..?

For this, may I suggest a stability ball and an elastic band with handles ... they are available at Wal-Mart, Target, et. al., so you shouldn't have any problem getting the equipment ... So you have got the gear ... what to do ..? Listen, I have been working the essentials of this routine for years ... and trust me, it work pretty darned well ... I can't argue with the results ..!

Getting the right size ball is important ... go for the large, blue ball ... the super sized ones are too big ... and the small balls are cool, but not for how I use them ... just a little bit smaller than the biggest ... that will do you ...

Take your gear and face a wall.  Place the ball a couple of feet in front of the wall, the elastic band centered underneath the ball.  You are going to make a bench of yourself, with your toes against the wall, and the ball centered in your back ... I don't expect you to get there the first try ... I STILL don't ..! Once you have gotten to the proper  'I ' formation, make it a 'T' by grasping the handles of the elastic band, which is STILL centered beneath the ball.  I would hope you would reconize that you are in a chest press position, palms facing the wall in front of you ...

Right now, I am doing a mega set, fifty straight away.  You maybe not so much, start out at fifteen, but you are going to do sets of at least three, so from the chest press, bend your knees, and roll forward until your rear is near the floor.  From this position, with your arms extended, you are going to bring them across your chest, alternating which arm crosses over which.  Does it matter which one goes over the other? I don't know! But this is a companion to your chest press.  Did you do fifteen press?  Do fifteen cross overs!

Now we are going to sit on the ball, toes still at the wall.  Your hands should be next to your thighs.  This is the curl position on the stability ball.  Fifteen works here too.  For me, I do one set of fifty, but let's get started doing what we can ...

Before you get off the ball, do some crunches.  This is after you do your three ( or five if you are ambitions) sets of the suggested exercises.  Sneaking in 'unscheduled' ab work is like doing 'kegel exercises' ... you don't see what it does, you just know that they work ..!

Go eat your breafast ..!  And take a 30 - 45 min walk at some point during the day, and have the best one ..!

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