Monday, January 7, 2008

...okay doc ... how long do I got ..?

Weigh - In ... 226 ... so that means I lost 2 pounds last week ... not bad ... I was wondering what I would lose, as I had never taken a similar tack as far as training before ... now I am not overly concerned with numbers ... I go for feeling and change ... I feel good and the way my clothes fit has changed ... if you need to quantify anything, may I suggest a tape measure and do the classic hip-waist-chest measure to catch signs of effectiveness.  Now, I would like to do a short run, but my speakers to my walkman <yes, that is not a typo ... I am an analog guy in a digital world ..!> are busted ... perhaps I will run after my therapy session, maybe not ... WILL do something with an aerobic feel to it in the house though ...

... and I do mean that ... this is a 'Nebraska Monday' ... the first Monday of the Month, I get to go to Starbucks and order a Praline Muffin ... the coffee I will pick up somewhere else ... not that Starbucks is over priced <which we all know, it is> but it will have me bouncing off the walls ..!  So I will stop at a Mickey Dee's or QD and get a coffee with my paper.

... I do a lot of 'association identification' ... which is so super cool, because it keeps me being me ..!  Like if I was to say aloud, "It's a Nebraska Monday," I would be the only one that would know what the significance is.  That it means getting a particular muffing wouldn't register.  Nor would anyone know that it meant I was thinking about a good friend.

... a key word for me is "abstraction" ... most of what comes to mind, often is the result of my taking unrelated things and either finding a link or making one exists between them.  That it isn't perfect is cool ... what is ..?  Besides, the moral of this story is, you have to make what works for you, work. 

This is a philosophy that pulls me out of ruts, especially the ones that others put me in ... why worry about their lack of understanding of what I AM doing ... see, as long as YOU KNOW what you are doing, what else matters ..?  In the end, you what you do, because that is all that you can do, right?

When I was little, I always wondered about why I would feel down in the fall and winter.  This was before Seasonal Affected Disorder became en vogue.  But I was about 10 or 11 when I hit upon a remedy ... I would count days between seasons ...  that way, counting backward, I could tell myself  "only 70 days till spring", and I would look forward to each day having a little more sunlight ...

... like I say ... "do what works for you," ... and to this day, it still pulls me through ... though it was easier in Georgia and Carolina ... the weather was more or less not as bad as it is in the Midwest ...  but I am looking forward to March already ..!  It is only 81 days away ..!

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