Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Yesterday, I ended up doing nothing that I would credit myself for ... I got a flat tire on my way home, so that meant I only was able to ride to my appointment and not the full circuit.  When I finally got to the house, I was too amped to get into an exercise mood ... and of course, after the game, I just went to sleep ...

Michigan DID lose to Appalachian State ... AT HOME ..!

Today there is a drizzling rain falling.  My normal routine called for 'speed drills'.  A short run followed by sprinting.  Then inside to work my chair exercises.  That was what on my schedule, and that is what I did.  Don't try to make up for what you have missed ... that ship has sailed.  Continue on with your regular routine, making sure you focus on your exercises ... should you have an off day scheduled, do some light stretches and/or a brisk walk.  This way you can tell yourself you have did something to positively affect your health and fitness without feeling guilty and getting down on yourself.  Then resume your regular routine.

After a month or so, you can begin to amp up your exercises, increasing reps and set, as well as adding more challenges to them.  Remember, you are looking for feeling and tone.  You should feel better and you should be able to see the difference in how your clothes fall looking at yourself in a mirror.  In order to be effective with weight loss, you are going to find some kind of cardio work, ANY cardio, to help cut weight.

I will start diet tips next week ...

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