Thursday, January 3, 2008

... life isn't too hard and ...

‘Sony’, Big Audio Dynamite, ‘London Calling’, the Clash; ‘Search and Destroy’, KMFDM

… sometimes it IS supposed to be that easy ..!

I wake up when Mookie rises for work. Not by the alarm mind you; either I am already up or at her rising. I generally evacuate the upstairs <we’re in a town home> to let her and lil’ Mook do their dressing thing in privacy. But the baby is out for school, and she won’t be rising for a good while. I get up and make the bed.

Getting that bed made first thing is another of my pet peeves. Not only did I have to as a child, but it just sets things in order and keeps you on message. The thought of having the world toss me about, then coming to an unmade bunk, with the usual detritus strewn about the bedroom is not for me.

Mook grabs her shower and I throw the bed together. She comes in all clean and fresh … and naked. The ‘Today Show’ is on, but for all I know, they were doing a story on the arrival of the advance party from Vega … Mookie is STILL very attractive to me. She has on a white button down and her skivvies, and I am looking. What is cool is that I don’t think she has caught me, and I try not to get caught. Many men take too deep a draught when they drink with their eyes, but not me.

‘Act like you been there before‘ is another sports related phrase that keeps me from staring too long at her. Now that she is getting her clothes on, I gather my things and head for the bathroom. She is still getting her gear together, fully dressed and hair coiffed. I just throw on some sweats and when she leaves, she offers her good bye and heads out the door. I am not more than five minutes behind her.

Today I am heading to the bank to pay my rent. Since the Meijer’s is in the general area, I decide that I will stop in and see if I can get a copy of the picture KT and I took this summer. Speaking before I did it, I thought it would be a matter of course to simply get the picture copied to a disc and I could email it to Nixxie. I guess you could say the copyright laws put a ’Nix’ to that idea!

I grab a coffee and a roll to go with the Freep that I picked up. It only cost a $.25 at the big grocery stores, which is another incentive for me to stop in. Because I am not pressed for time, I decide to just mosey around the store.

The PC has been infected, and I am half in the market for some spy ware remover. I don’t know if I should try to download some or not. I am apprehensive about that, as I am just as uncertain of installing a remover myself. But with the latter choice, people do it all the time, and I am sure that it is simple enough for me to figure out, if there is any figuring to do.

I don’t find any on my own, and since I am not particularly looking to buy, I forgo paging for assistance. The little money I have in my pocket is starting to burn, but I don’t want to be frivolous with it. Since the urge to spend is strong, I tell myself it has to be something that is ‘on message’, something that is in direct connection with my current goals. So I go to look at picture frames.

Carrying the 5 x 7 picture of us, I am able to match up a nice enough frame with the actual picture. Looking at the two of us, I am thinking at how unbelievably lucky a cat that I am. You have all this drama going on with people in similar situations as Nixxie, KT, and I are in, with such terrible results. Looking at our picture, you see how much we love each other, and there is no doubt that I am her father and she is my daughter.

So I scoop up the frame, a Freep, and head for the Credit Union <did I say ‘bank?’ I belong to a CU> to handle that business. There is a Radio Shack on the way, kinda. Small detour, and something pulls me in. I am in the market for a portable hard drive, and sorta wonder is there are any after Christmas things going on. I go in and see that they have a sign advertising that they will be selling used I-Pods, which is good to know. Now that lil’ Mook’s is up and running, I have to have one.

The store is empty, which means the young man working is going to get his ear talked off. Modest Mouse is playing on the in-store satellite radio, and I talk about how different they sound now that they have started to become more accessible. I prattle on about this and that, mainly because I want to know. The phones look good, they are on my list but not to get just yet. I want to ask about the hard drives when I see 4 gb flash drive for 60% off! I can work with that!

I grab one, and then push off to the CU and handle that business. I want to treat myself, because I am feeling quite irie, jangling at yet another good start to my day.

Go to the temp agency. Had ran into a girl that works for the agency at QD before Christmas, and that put the agency in mind. So I go in let them know I am ready for work, specifically the baquet accounts they have, because that is something I can definitely do, and I like doing it. The receptionist is a cutie who shares her name with the eldest girl in my family. I take that as a positive sign. So I am feeling pretty good.

Ride all the way to the QD near my house, when I see a fellow ‘club member’ trying to make his way through to the store in his wheelchair. It has snowed at least 6” the past couple of days and the sidewalk aren’t all that clear. I have seen him around as he lives in the apartment complex across from the townhouses that I live in.

He is sort of stuck, trying to negotiate thru the piles of snow. I am sure that he would not make it to the store this day. But because strangers have so very often been so good to me, I decide to get him to the store and back. I need to know if I can manage situations, and this was definitely one of those.

I am figuring that he has CP and he needs some help to get himself setting upright in his chair. I tell him that he is going to be alright, and that I am going to help him. At first, I want to just go to the store for him, then I think to myself, ‘Am I ready for people to go to the store for me?’

Sitting him up and getting him clear of the snow rut he was in, I tell him that we are going to go to the store and back. I clear some of the plowed snow from his wheelchair and I get him going.

Even though there is a bike lane, it is mostly ice and snow. This edges us out further in the street. We push on, him in the lead and I am behind to his left, keeping between the chair and traffic.

The return trip was less of a stress. The cat just wanted a couple of packs of cigarettes. I lit him up twice as we journeyed back. He kept trying to thank me, and called me an angel twice! He didn’t know what he did for me by needing my help, and letting me help him the best that I could.

Managing to have such a good day without incident is a very encouraging sign for me.

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