Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yes Virginia, it is time to start mobilization

Musings on Zero Day …

If the weather keeps up, I may have to admit that it is cold outside. Went for my run this morning and never really broke a good sweat. Then when I took my shower, even with making the water just ‘warm’, it felt like I was doing that ‘freezer burn’ thing, that feeling when you try to warm your hands too fast when you come in from the cold.

So it this may be the winter I have to acknowledge that it is cold outside. I am glad that I have amended my running routine, looking to do a 3 -4 days on the road instead of trying to get that 4 days to possible 6 days on the road. Deciding to really focus on doing what I call ‘floor work’ at home might have been a good call. I am still looking for a ‘Biggest Loser’ moment in the late spring. That would be so cool! But I don’t think anyone really notices me, because no one ever says anything to me.

The guy who banged me on my bike, did go to the bike shop and pay for the repairs! I am glad for him, because it is the kind of thing he can call on when he is faced with uneasy choices. He could have done many different things, other than standing up, facing up to the situation, and then being honorable and taking care of my bike. I am terribly impressed by his maturity. I hope that he does have a good life, because it is something special about someone who can be such a straightforward person.

Might be in and out as far as being on line. There is some kind of storm coming, and that will keep Mook and lil’ Mook in the house. I still wouldn’t mind shooting to the library, but even that can wait until Monday. Actually, there is enough real world preparations to keep me busy for the balance of the day, and there is some really good football on TV as well. So I will be alright if I don’t pop back out here anytime today.

Try to stay warm! It is more than a little temperate outside!

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