Saturday, December 1, 2007

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… honestly, it isn’t EXACTLY a NPR Saturday …

Doing some scrap booking stuff … it isn’t what you think, because I clip out comic strips that catch my mind’s eye. I have been doing this for years with the thought that I would get them together and put them in a book. Looking at the amount of strips that I have, all the different sizes and printing, I can tell that I have put this off too long!

There are many reasons that I wonder what it would be like hanging around with Nebraska and her crew. The most important thing that I could do, love Nebraska, I could do in a snap. But that isn’t what I really wonder about. I wonder who is going to love me?

When I made my move to the Capital City, I decided I was going to take a Mulligan on my life before I came here. It was my commitment cut, to give me what I needed to go out and live life as I imagined it. Sure, there were some things that I had to understand, but for the most part I feel like there is still so much on the table left for me. I want it, and I am going to get it!

It is very possible that it isn’t going to be here. I could wait to find out, but at some point you have to stop compiling and go out and act. I have a timetable, and I aim to stick to it. There are things that I have to put in some kind of order, and that is going to be awhile in doing. Like this dang scrap booking thing!

Glancing at my books, I am wondering what I am going to do with them? It isn’t that I have a lot, but some of them I really like, and some haven’t been read. Getting rid of books are always a hard thing for me to do. Going to yard sales, it is next to impossible for me to not glance and go thru their books and cd’s, like I need to find any more than I have. But I always do!

MY CD’S!! I have at least 600 of ‘em! The cassettes may well be a total loss, unless I find out how to convert them to some easily transportable media. I think that if I get my ol’ IBM going, I can put all of my music on that hard drive, including the stuff on this computer. So that will be cool, especially if I manage to get my cassettes transferred.

Reading over this, I have one comment to make … I feel really lonely …

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