Wednesday, December 26, 2007

... perhaps I CAN be a bit much in the morning ..!

This occured to me this very morning.  When I say I wake up 'reddie t' go', I mean just that.  On the 'Today Show', Matt Lauer did an interview with the photographer for Gerald Ford, who was shilling his book ... they showed a picture of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumesfeld, who came up through the Republican party around that time.  Mookie was awoke ...

... and I couldn't help myself ... I straight away took it as an opportunity to explain how the current strategy regarding Iraq and the Middle East that the Administration is following was formed THEN ... it was at this time that the current leadership set up and started growing the thinking that shapes goverment policy today ... and that ...

... that this was too much darn thinking for 8:30 am, the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS ..!

... and I am officially out of the conspiracy business ... even if I were, I can't remember all the darn links ..!  It isn't like I am Jack Bauer ..!

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