Wednesday, December 26, 2007

... believe ...

... isn't that what Pan told Tink ..? or was it the other way around ..?

You know, the unease people feel when they start off on a journey or choose a direction is something I feel keenly prepared to deal with.  Nebraska is shaken, for some reason ... not for me to justify, because I am not feeling it!  What ever it is though, I do own part of the concern she has. 

So I am taking it off of her ... she doesn't need to be worried about anything ... least of all me.

Got lil' Mook's IPod going ... I knew I could get 'er done, just not with someone hovering over me ... especially since it took a good while to download ITunes ... I want to say that I wasn't like that when I was a 'tween, but I prolly was ... impatient and wondering how long is 'when I get to it, Mark' ..!

I am officially tired.  Next week I am going to do a kit and kaboodle weight and tape to see how much my body changes ... and I will do my own 'Biggest Loser' thing ... just wanna see if I can find that dynamic supermiddleweight that is somewhere covered with QD donuts and soda bottles ..!

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