Thursday, December 13, 2007

no particular thing

  Stumbling as I did in the mid afternoon but rallying to take the lead and finish strong is what I took from yesterday.  I want to prove to myself that I can manage, and I did finish the day well.  It did show how distracting my personal life <not "issues"> can be for me.  What's the answer ..?  Why, to not let it distract me, of course.
    Easier said than done ..? Not necessarily so.  There are plenty of things for me to do that will keep me focused and going.  I have begun to 'drop off' some of the things that I do and let Mook and lil' Mook get that stuff.  Hey, they may as well get back in practice now, right ..?
    Waiting for Barb to send the cover letters to my resume's ... just to get all of them in, will be a big step for me.  The Library apps and the Boy's and Girl's Club will be done today.  The other two, not so sure about ... the notation says to have distinctive cover letters, hence the wait on Ms. Neal.  Anyway, I guess it will work out, and I would like to get 'er done by Friday ...

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