Wednesday, December 19, 2007

... like the coffee at the bottom ...

... preliminary discussions about Christmas over Mookie's folks house ... so NOT looking forward to it ...

Not whining about the deal that I have made, since I have known that by not keeping close contact with my own roots, that I would have to assimilate into the lives and routines of those who I was involved with.  But it isn't something that I normally do, it was never that big at least to me, growing up.  I don't remember spending both Christmas and Thanksgiving with EVERYONE.  Especially Christmas.  We would drop off gifts, then get back in the house.

Mookie's family isn't all that bad ... there could be worse things other than sitting with them for a few hours.  It is more like I would simply rather not.  That is the real deal, I just don't want to.  Nothing really more, nothing less.  And it should be my choice... but wait, I am in a relationship and my selfish designs are to be sublimated for the bigger picture, the greater good.  I don't want to cause a possible conflict, especially a needless one.

So I will go.  Will not like it, but I will suffer through it.  I have to, to let what I know to do to work for me. 

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