Thursday, December 27, 2007

... heeyyy ....

... I'm good ..!

Next Monday, I am going to do some measurements, and maybe even get a body fat count.  I am going to list EVERYTHING and do a weekly scale log ...

Normally, I don't concern myself with how much weight I have lost as much as I look for the physical measurments to change.  I look at whether or not I have lost inches around my waist than looking at pounds on the scale.

I think I measured about 14% last year ... I felt fatter than that!  It would be neat to get back to my competitive under 8% ... we will see ... anyway, next week, I am going to not only do my measurements but have a schedule of fitness related events posted.

The Y is going to be off at least until April.  So what I get down will have to keep for the first quarter of the year.  One of the pleasant things about working out and training is how my body responds.  For a little while, I feel like I am 'back', my balance is there, my reflexes, awareness, everything.  'Turned on' is what I call it, when I manage to be focused and into my environment.

I want to ask my therapist about the progress HE feels I have made.  I don't like blowing smoke up my own butt and it would be nice to have an outside party make their assessment ... oh, what am I talking about ..?  Okay, here goes ...

For about 25 years, I participated in the sport of boxing, professionally and as an amateur.  I was a good as a kid, managing to make a little noise nationally, and the same as a pro.  Unfortunately, the wear and tear caught up to me.

Remembering what I was first told about my condition, what I have as far as knowledge prior to my condition being diagnosed, is still there.  So I still get to tell people I am 'smart'.  But there are neurological issues, such as walking and keeping balanced walking up and down stairs that are present<but I can ride a bike for miles ... GO FIGURE>.  And really, who knows?  I mean the entire subject of brain injury is still has a lot of unknowns.  One of the things that has just gained traction is the idea that the brain is static that it doesn't 'grow' as a rule.  But when one region starts to malfunction, another region, that isn't doing anything, can fire up and take over the work ... or something like that.

EVERY SINGLE DAY I try to imagine doing that with my mind.  Because no one can say with any degree of accuracy if my condition will worsen ... they don't know if it will improve either!  The way that I understand it, damage done is damage done, but again, the brain finds a way to function.  I have read all kinds of stories about people with brain issues, and there isn't any reason for me to believe that I can't be someone that functions at a high level ...

... and if I am stuck with what I have got, well dude, it is STILL more than what most people have!  I still carry 4 rounds in my back pocket, can connect enough of the dots to point to the Illuminati and the Bilderberg groups that run the world, and I can still smile the panties off a sheila!

Believe me when I say that I am good, I am exactly that!

I'm good ..!

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