Thursday, December 27, 2007

... at the Library ..!

So I am at the library … I had wanted to find a feature that ran on the ‘Today Show’ last week, but I have gotten sidetracked by my ‘YouTubing’.
I feel like I feel …
Talked to my Army sister today … I kinda sorta think she didn’t really understand what she was getting into when she joined.  I wonder who she had to talk to when she was making her decision … <cue the organ for the guilt dirge>
She sounds strong right now.  I like what I hear from her and things are building momentum in her favor.  Same with her twin, though I haven’t heard from her recently.  A phone card is a priority for next month, because I want to talk to EVERYBODY!  Nothing special, just a generic, ‘I am thinking about you’ thing.
When I go down to Detroit, I will coordinate a visit with the eldest girl.  It is hard for me to explain how I feel about my family.  Though we are an affection bunch, I won’t pretend like I was close with everyone.  Other than my soeur in Chicago, I felt alienated from my family during my teenage, and that extended into my adulthood. 
The cumulative effect of envy is being felt.  I have never begrudged partners and friends their family or friends, but I’ve often wondered what someone would make of me reaching out to my scattered family, since I have made a point to inform of my apathy towards them.  I aim to find out, because that is on my ‘to do list’ for ’08. All trespasses, real and imagined, are forgiven.  I want to make sure to spend time and see my sisters and my Aunt.  My Father, if he would have me, I would like to go to Arkansas with him.  That HIS Mother asks about me blows me away!  I hope to get down there by March, with or without Pops.
… just gonna keep it movin’ …

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toonguykc said...

Good luck making peace with your family.  If I were a better man I'd make that a 2008 goal as well.  Don't see that happening.