Saturday, August 7, 2004

I have a secret ...

With all my stuff strewn about, I can see that I don't have much at all, and can pick through what I actually want to keep, and can live without.

...which doesn't help in my thinking.  I can make this move, but I must be swift and brutal.  This would be without a doubt, the worst thing I have ever done, no doubt about it.

See, I have made a move with someone who has always been in love with me.  This would be crushing.  I cannot believe I am even pondering making the move ... my stomach is in knots.  This would be akin someone sneaking around on their wife and leaving their children, for nothing apparent to anyone involved or close to the situation.

I would really have to be right about this ... and I think that I would be ... but being here feels right, but slightly LESS right than the leaving option ... I have to get over the guilt and make a choice.


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