Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ghost and the Darkness

Well, as quickly as it began, my little scooter era ended yesterday.  It was my fault, shooting out from a construction zone into traffic.  But I wasn't seriously injured, just some bumps and bruising, and a few scrapes.  The entire event took the winds out of my sails.  I feel that I pushed myself just a little too far, and paid the price for it.  So now, instead of my 'Babybird' cd, and chillin', I am sitting up here trying to grab on to something, to remain tethered to my direction.

Mookie was a little worried, and she didn't need to have that put upon her.  She is trying to keep it together, getting ready to go with her sister to Vegas and her first plane flight!  Then I am supposed to be moving in with her, and her little girl.  Not to mention her pressures at work ... her plate is full!

I need to write out what direction I am going to go into.  I will get a little money from my security deposit, and I can't afford to mess that up!  In fact, I may have to let Mookie tell me what to do with it!!

Haven't been out at all yet.  Just a little low.  I should have just went and got that CD from Harmony House!!

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