Sunday, July 25, 2004

As the Witching Hour Approaches

Went with AKA and her dog to an Art Fair.  Started auspiciously, with Boomer hurting himself getting into the car.  He is a wonderful yellow lab, but is an old puppy.  So he had a limp, and the fair was too much for him.

We headed in early, stopping at a park for an hour sitting in the sun.  I just can't understand ... actually I can, how she can care for me.  I have told her, she is like Elizabeth Shue to my Nicholas Cage in 'Leaving Las Vegas'.  And I have been doing my best Nick Cage too.  But she doesn't seem to be fazed by my erosion.

Anyway, I need to get things together.  The move is going to happen this week, and I am still sitting around in a mess.  Stuff is all half done and sitting in a heap.  I have made my reservation for my truck, and I will call on Monday to confirm it.  There is a moment, where a person can seize control of their life, even in the midst of trials.

Now, the main reason I need to get my head out of my butt is that I know that there is an opportunity coming up, but I am going to miss it, if I don't get a grip on things.


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