Monday, April 17, 2017




Winter term of classes took so much out of me that I did not get it together in time to register for spring.  I was already planning to take summer classes but now it has become mandatory that I go for two classes at the very least... ugh!

I have done a video profile for my position as a trainer at Pinnacle Fitness!  It does seem a little odd that it isn’t for personal training, as my certification is for amateur boxing, but whatever!!  Nebraska and I weren’t able to get a schedule together… as she feels that she needs more accountability in her workouts and meeting once a week did not fit her needs.  Understandable, as that is to be expected of anyone seeking a personal trainer to help them out.  She says she wants to work until she gets to the level of being a fitness pro herself!!  As to my training, I am have been coming along quite well and getting compliments on my physique; of course, I still see myself as not as fit as it would appear to observers.  And that leads me to...

The biggest reason that I am a big proponent of resistance training is the direct and objective measure of improvement that comes from a good program.  You lift varies in two of the three training (volume, intensity, frequency) metrics, and you can expect and see change in your body’s make-up and performance.  One of the reasons that there are so many other valid and effective training disciplines is simple to me-- move more and eat less pretty much sums up the entire fitness paradigm.  But I like weight training because it has more of a lasting impact as well as more effective real-life application, along with its many other healthful benefits.

Next week, Ken will be in town and  I am definitely looking forward to seeing him and introducing him to my… wait for it… FAMILY!  I think the most outstanding aspect of my present relationship is the level of acceptance and consideration that I have been accorded.  Speaking with my partner on the subject, she reminded me that HER heritage is considered a mixed one, with her father’s Mexican heritage and her Mom being of Italian descent.  While I can understand the idea of her having a mixed-race identity, her and her sister’s, as well as her Mom’s complexion says “white” to me.  That said, there have been several occasions where she has been asked if she ways Hispanic, which revealed, to me how the construct of race is truly a fiction.  I see her as “white”, which is how she appears to me, and to others, she is just as clearly “Hispanic”.
...anyWHO… life has become very metronomic and bland.  There is nothing for me to “journal” about, especially when it comes to my state of being.  It is more likely that my blogging will become a repository for my random thoughts and odd sense of storytelling.

The blackout on current events has continued and shows no sign of abating.  Instituted after the US Presidential election, I have abstained from deliberately following the news, limiting myself to Facebook post (no clicking) and random eye-grazing of televisions and their chyrons.  Even when people attempt to have such conversations with me, I deftly turn the queries off the subject and leave the conversation as soon as possible.

Well, that is about it from fly-over country.  I will prolly be back with more workout tips and inspiration, and some existential exposition as well!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on weight training. I try to do a little of everything, and weight training seems to be one of those things that make everything else a little better.

As for the news, I try to avoid it, too. There are things I can control- smiling at people, holding doors for ladies, a few kind words to someone who looks lonely- and there are things I can't control- like our policy towards North Korea. So I do the best I can locally and hope the good vibes I generate make their way outward.

Beth said...

Ken is looking forward to seeing you, too! I am sending along a little present for you. :)

As for the news, I find that reading provides more of an emotional distance than watching news. I still want to keep up but I also don't want to have a damn stroke because I got too mad about something! So I have worked on finding a balance of information and lack of stress. Most days I do pretty well. I've figured out when I need to step away and just lose myself in a good book and/or music.

L&R and have fun next week!

Ken Riches said...

Looking forward to meeting your family Mark. My plane lands at 9:18, so should be in hotel by 10:15. If you work Monday, I would love to get a workout in, then we can head out somewhere for dinner. We will definitely talk on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and wishing you well!