Sunday, May 27, 2012

Phones Make For Convenient Cameras... Who'd A Thunk It?


Originally started the day with a plan to get my workout on at the gym and then ride my bike out to Westroads Mall and catch a show.  By the time I was done with my workout, the year’s first Farmer’s Market in the Old Market was going strong!  I ended up walking around and remembering that I had a camera phone, started to take pictures!!

First, this is the picture of me and the Cockatoo from school.  I think the bird was sweet on me!!

Random crowd shot of the people milling about.  I never went down to the Farmer’s Market any last year, or if I did, I paid it little attention.  Wonder if the crowd’s are going to be like this every weekend this summer?  I look forward to bring KT down here to walk around and chill out with me.

I did not ask if they were sisters or anything but these three young ladies were very good with their violin skills, and the oldest was particularly talented.  I plopped money in each of their little jars, collecting for their various music camps (or so the Germans would have us believe!)

A HUGE friendly BĂ©arnaise Mountain Dog was soaking in the attention and the fun.  I got a chance to pet him and would have ridden him if I was given the chance!

Later on in the day I decided to taken in a movie.  As the day progressed, it grew very warm and it was in the low 90’s in Omaha.  Instead of riding my bike out to Westroads, I figured I would walk down the street to Midtown Crossing and check out what was playing there.  Saw “Dark Shadows” and though I enjoyed it, it seemed like it was more of a private piece made for the benefit of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham-Carter.

These are the apartments/condos that are part of the Midtown Crossing development.  Just like it would be difficult for a 28-year old man to imagine a time when the Detroit Red Wings were one of the worst teams in hockey, it is prolly going to be hard to picture this area in its underdeveloped form from here on out.  There are more refurbishing of buildings closer to where I live that has taken place.  With some changes in the traffic lanes, it will be more like a neighborhood area as they are engineering the streets for less traffic access.

As much as I like Omaha, it is not without its issues.  Last week, there were cats shooting at each other from cars, some young woman’s body was found near an underpass, and other assorted criminal activity that took place across the Greater Omaha area.  But what I know of other places, compared to them Omaha does not have that big of a problem with crime and miscreants taking over areas, though as I have said, the brothers do seem to be shooting at each other a lot for the size of the town.

These are pictures of “Trugs”, and I am guessing they are new ideas in urban planning.  As I said, they are going to re-engineer a major street in the area, and they have put some of these things down to make the area look more inviting.  There are a number of small businesses on the block, some having been in their location for many years.  I really hope that new design brings in more traffic and extend the Old Market area for a few more blocks.

There are some mild “irritants” in the air.  But nothing that is worrisome enough to warrant more than a stray thought and I would rather bask in the feeling of becoming a college sophomore for the second time in my life!  If things rise to a new level of concern, maybe I will feel a need to express my thoughts. But right now things are pretty cool and my favorite (whoever I am with at the time is my “favorite”) daughter is coming for a visit!  


That corgi :) said...

Enjoyed reading this, Mark! Farmers Markets can be so fun to explore! That looked like one big dog you encountered!

I think you will enjoy your time with KT in the weeks to come!


V said...

The bird looks soo cuteeee! I wanna watch "Dark shadows". It's got some real good reviews.

Jonthy Williams said...

You're right . . . I think the bird is sweet on you.