Monday, February 6, 2012



I noticed recently that I lost a few ‘friends’ on Face Book.  A few of them I was actually proud that they cut me because it meant if I offended their sensibilities, then they were reading the gibberish that I post!  Then there were a couple of others that did give me pause because I thought that our relationships were stronger than that.  That I was ‘unfriended’ by people who should be familiar enough with a cat to know that where I come from is not just from out of left field, but on occasion foul territory!   It also makes me wonder about the relationship... but only briefly.  Time has its way with things like this and it is out of my hands and all I can expect is for me to keep on (and you don’t stop!) doing what I do, you feel me?

One of the pages that I subscribe to ran this post and I had to snag the picture for a proper discussion here on my blog.  The difference between my blogging and my Facebooking is that they are for different purposes, and the ‘social utility’ is something that I have utilized and it has met my expectations.

After the death of my darling brother I decided that I would make the effort to repair some of the rift between my sisters, focusing on the twins.  Like my ex-wife, Jan is one of the things that if I get called out on at the end of my run, then I am short, ‘cause I wouldn’t spit on her if she was on fire.  Anywho, I did what I could, messaging the twins and hoping that they would again open themselves up and revisit that unique bond that they have as twins.

Well wouldn’t you know that when I saw my relatively modest (70, with 75% of that count being people I know IRL) total fall, I decided to look and see if someone who I would ‘miss’ was among those who cut me out of their ‘Face Book life’.  And one of the people was my Army sister.
Now I cannot believe that it was anything to do with the content of what I put up on there because she had to grow up with me spouting of same kind of inanity in person and in public as well!  So I messaged her twin and she said that there was a falling out and that the Army Sister and her hubby are off on their own stuff.  The reason this troubles me is that along with being familiar with my thinking, some of her marital issues makes me wonder if everything is kosher in the Emerald City.  But before I let myself get worked up over her disappearance from the site and wondering if everything is ok, I remembered that she had already used her ‘get out of jail free’ card AND got some much desired counseling when they were going through early trials.  So I can only shrug my shoulders and hope for the best. 


When it comes to ‘Timm-uh’, people just won’t leave him alone!
Part of what bothers people about him isn’t just his faith as much as it is THEIR reaction to his faith.  It is bad enough that as an example, he is in the 99th percentile, a cat who lives the walk that he talks.  But a lot of assumptions by secular folks often follow the same kind of logical fallacies that are prevalent in a lot of what you see and hear on Faux News.  Take this article by Diana Nyad on HuffPo a few weeks ago.  Almost every point she makes about her problem with Tim and his faith is either untrue or is guilty of prejudicial reasoning.  One of the things that she says she has a problem with is his habit of going up and down the sidelines talking TO HIMSELF about ‘G-d this and G-d that’, which is perfectly fine were you to ask me, to help him keep focused on the game and what he has to do next.  See, many people have their own rituals, whether they are aware of them or not, that they do when they are in stressed situations.  The intense physical competition of football certainly qualifies but one of the biggest fallacies about Tebow is that he asks for divine participation to help him throughout the game.

In a recent interview on ESPN Tebow debunked the notion that he is on the sideline seeking the kind of intervention in a football game that Diana Nyad and many others have convinced themselves that he does.  Look, as a missionary to Third World countries, I think that Mr. Tebow is well aware that his avowed Lord and Savior may be a tad too busy to help him win a football game.  There was one time where I think in a post-game presser he felt obliged to sheepishly admit that he may have said a prayer or two, but WHO THE HECK DOESN’T DO THAT on occasion?  Hello, that is the intimation by the saying ‘there’s no atheist’s in fox holes’.  So even if he DID or DOES, what is it to ANYONE that isn’t either Tim Tebow or his deity?  See, that is how that works, and that is indeed that with that.

Also, Nyad thinks that his reciting scripture to himself constitutes proselytizing… HELLO, THAT DOESN’T COUNT!  Again, that is part of his unique relationship with whoever he is speaking with… and if I am not mistaken, for him to do so is NOT against the rules!!

Sitting outside the Algebra class that I am struggling with, do you know WHY I still believe that I am going to pass and earn the credit that I need to move on?  BECAUSE I WILL EARN THE CREDIT!  My admiration for Tim despite where our spiritual differences lay, is that he is more than likely who you think he is… and for the secular, it is a problem because he doesn’t quite fit into any of the preconception that are held about members of ‘the G-d Squad’ (yes, I have decided to go with the whole unspoken, unknowable thing, and won’t be spelling a certain word out, harking back to a policy I held in my jr. high – high school years) and because of this mistaken assumption, many who are of an alternative spiritual philosophy or consider themselves liberal misunderstand those who are of a fundamental faith or conservative in their politics…


What do Moz and Jill have to do with this?  Because both of them have committed themselves to biases that are not only false but strikes such a chord of negativity that I have to make an exception in my mind for their abilities to entertain.  And because of the kind of exceptions that I have to issue the both of them, they have to come down a notch or two in my personal pantheon of stars I admire.

I lightly touched on Moz and his appreciation for the National Front, a group of yobbos who would eat the Tea Baggers for crumpets with their afternoon tea.  Jill can’t stand interracial relationships, particularly when it is a brother who is with a non-black woman.

Now just because I get it (where she is coming from) doesn’t mean I have to agree with her or like her position.   It hurt me somewhat to read how she felt because I think that she only saw a piece of the picture that she could understand instead of the entire painting.  There is more to it than what she mentioned in an article about the topic of love and what not, and that she did not address it leaves me wondering if she could even understand that sometimes black women own some of the problems in black male-female relationship?

Eh, whatever.  But I have to go to class and I figure to pick up on this, as it is a factor in my ‘isolationism’, and I’d like to review why it is my preferred way of being.


Thomas Alice said...

It's pretty rare for me to "unfriend" someone. I know Facebook is a lot more transitory than a blog, and I cut people a lot more slack over there.

FrankandMary said...

It hurt me somewhat to read how she felt because I think that she only saw a piece of the picture that she could understand instead of the entire painting.<<That happens a lot to all kinds of people. There are signals sent, but how are they received? We revisit knotty issues over & over because often one side just isn't comprehending what the other side is beaming out, or only "getting" part of, then a different part of, then each side gets frustrated.....

FB is useless to me. ~Mary

LceeL said...

I am done talking about Tebow. You?

And Facebook? Child's play. Good for some things - but there is no substitute for a real by-gosh-golly blog.

tony said...

The Daft Thing Is That fundemental atheists are much the same as fundamental Muslims/Christians/Jews/whatever............They focus on The Rules & lose The Wonder & Mystery of it all.
It's like a football player going into a new game thinking they know what the exact score will be before the start!

Have Myelin? said...

FB confuses me which is why I rarely say anything. =)

Beth said...

I'm sorry to hear that there is trouble in Sisterville. I hope that things are resolved in a positive way for her.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope this comment finds things resolved in the family department.