Thursday, August 11, 2011



While I would not be adverse to turning this blog into a income generator, I don’t have the need or will push entry after entry on here, mainly because by using this as a real journal, I should not have that much ‘drama’ going on in my life that merits being written about and shared.  Having as much personal stuff to write about as I do, I sometime get self-conscious about writing.  But when I think about not writing, I remember how I used end visits on other blogs with the line, ‘therapy through commenting’, as I knew that I was also working out stuff I was dealing with in the advice I was giving.

While I am not avoiding long comments in others blogs on purpose, I do realize that I can and should work through my issues in my own blog.  But I gotta be honest with you… at some point ‘issues’ are going to stop and who knows what I will be posting here.


I had heard that in north O there are for real hills, steep as well as ‘long’.  Let me tell you, they weren’t kidding!!  But instead of bitching about them when I ride (run or walk), I marvel at the feat of engineering and design that went into paving this town into the valley!

Rode the bus out west and went to the Anytime Fitness out on 90th street, not far from the Studio Plus that I stayed in on my first visit here to fill out my housing application. I got in a pretty good workout and rode back to the plaza at 73rd and Sorenson Parkway.  Got a Rodeo burger at BK and headed for home.

I had gotten about three miles away before I came upon a road patching crew and a municipal (or private… he was on a big industrial-size riding mower) lawn cutting set-up going.  As I scooted past, I thought to myself, “Good thing I have my sunglasses on, otherwise dust and rocks could have…”, and I stopped.  I had forgotten my sunglasses!! In one of those moments where you can fit hours into seconds, there was no doubt that I had to retrace my steps and go find my gear.  Fittingly, I was at the bottom of a steep hill and if I wanted to... never mind, because I didn’t.

So I trudged up the hill and went to BK and to the store I had stopped in and came up crappers.  So I had to not only go to the store I looked through but ended up having to ride all the way back, up and down the hills to the fitness center… and I wasn’t even sure that my glasses were left there, as they could have been anywhere.


Unlike my wanderings in the Metro, I have no ‘institutional knowledge’ of Omaha.  So I came to a big street and headed ‘west’.  At first, it looked like a bad idea.  If you asked me, rural Nebraska begins the second you are out of the city limits and I saw a lot of fields at first.  Being the plucky duck that I am, I pressed on and voila! The city returned and I was on my way!

Pedal, pedal, pedal, and I ran into the Humane Society animal shelter.  I have been thinking about a cat and decided to take a peek.  While I was looking at the tabbys (and the one that they name ‘Zamboni’ was awake and staring right through me!  I wanted to take him home!!), a toddler bumped my leg playfully.  She had pretty blue eyes and they were full of mischief!  Her Mom asked forgiveness, but I didn’t mind.  We would eye each other as we walked the center, smiling and waving at each other.  One of her sibs said ‘Steffy’s* got a boyfriend!’ (*not her real name)

I got some info on being a first time cat owner and bike-boogied up 90th to the fitness center.  Not only were my sunglasses there but my block ‘M’ headband as well!  Geez o’ pete!!  That verified the whole trip to retrieve the sunglasses, and yes, I did have a ‘flash’ of worry about my forgetfulness.  Eh, I dealt with it the way that I am going to deal with this until …


Up and down… up and down.  There is a nice little strip of flat in front of UN-O and that is where I saw two ladies walking with their dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Chihuahua.  De-biking as we closed upon each other, I asked the one lady could I pet her Golden.  And when I reached down to pet the dog he leaned up against me and started walking between my legs and getting all wiggly.  The ladies both laughed, with the one who was holding his leash remarking on how it was a sign of how much the dog liked me.

As with the little girl who was crushin’ on me, had you asked me at that and with dog, where I would have rated my energy, I would have said VERY low.  As it was I had to walk up a couple of short but steep blocks, my legs were so tired.  But I don’t think that you can fool babies and dogs… I think they see right through to who you are and that was my takeaway for the day…


Toon said...

I've never gone into an animal shelter and not walked out with a new pet. There's always at least one creature with eyes that say to me "let's go".

Lovebabz said...

Thank God you don't know my kids, because they would have delighted in going to the shelter with you. They want a pet(s). I on the other hand DO NOT!

I do however love babies...that is probably why I have adopted 4 kids :)

Hills? Your butt must be amazingly tight! Gosh I need your workout ethic!

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Mark, I'm glad you found you sunglasses. I would not be able to survive without mine here in Texas. The experience with the little girl was a great unexpected gift for you. You are right . . . children and animals are the best.
I don't know what I would do without Alice (my cat) who is turning 12 this year. She is very loving and smart. She keeps me sane. However, about a year ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Now I have to give her 2 shots of insulin every day. And that is very expensive. I would rather take care of her than my own health sometimes. I bet you would be a great pet owner. I prefer a cat because they are independent and don't need to be walked or taken out for a pee and/or poop. Alice is my therapy.

Anonymous said...

I love animals but I can't go and pet an animal just like that! It's just that I feel a little scared. It
all started with a dog chasing me down the street when I was a kid. So I need to get used to the pet.

But the dog sounds real cute. :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Highly recommend a kitteh, and I could even go with you in November.

Have Myelin? said...

I love babies and dogs too! My son says he refuses to have children because there are too many babies in the world. I said "fine, then adopt!" Who cares where the baby came from lol. It's a baby. =) He said fineeee... so woohoo, one day.

And pets love you. Always. Did you end up with a cat? I had two dogs and four cats. They are so different in what they offer you. I like my daschie because she's a pain in the butt, like a kid. =)

Have a good weekend.

Mark said...

Hills in Omaha? Are you shittin' me?

Anonymous said...

You explain & share a lot~without letting it degenerate into an ideology. Babies usually come with fathers, & diaper bags, & spit up clothes &....I'll pass.