Saturday, August 27, 2011



(working a little blue with today's challenge)

Eat anything you want, eh?  Well, what I want to eat today would ideally involve a partner!

(uh, there is a hint in the song’s title!)

I am SURE that isn't what was intended by the challenge of 'eat anything you want' but still, if I COULD eat anything that I wanted, then I would need a partner (female only please apply!) to meet today's tasking.  *sigh* So I guess I have to add that to the awkward itches (which are NOT related to Hedwig's angry inch!)

(maybe she'd help a cat out ..?
you never know, so you'd better watch..!)

It has been a lazy, loungy day... and the schedule tomorrow looks the same.  Gonna fart around here a little bit then go for a run.  Even though it is simply warm out, when I went out for a ride earlier, I was sweating fat out of my pores like I was a strip of bacon in a skillet!

Oh, I would like to thank everyone for their charitable donations..!  They were appreciated!!

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jacked UP jazz said...

Damn Mark, now my mind is thinking about things I ain't got time to be thinking about