Friday, August 19, 2011



I was a sophomore in high school boxing in a tournament in the mid-central part of Michigan when I first met Mookie Dee.  She was the first girl that I knew whose birthday was in the same month as mine.  Someone told me she ‘kinda maybe’ liked me, but she was only in 8th grade.  What she had going for her was she was an ‘early bloomer’ and had the smoothest and clearest brown skin, with a reddish undertone, ever.  Me being the social loser that I was at the time, I was not too pressed about her being a little younger than me so we struck up a friendship.  But that isn’t why this is ‘birthday season’.

When I came home from the service and met my ex-wife I would run into the second person who shared the same astrological sign as I did.  We had an ‘add water and stir’ family and her daughter, BJ, birthday is rightthere against KT’s.  It was her debut that made this ‘birthday season’.

Most of the birthday’s that I remember are juxtaposed against my injury.  There seems to be a lot of those in my life.  I don’t recall other important ‘dates’ (and I won’t catalog them, either) but there are certain birthday’s that I would have to go through a complete ‘crash’ not to remember.

Nebraska has an unforgettable birthday.  It is paired with something another occasion that I can’t forget (yet!).  Same deal with Delta Girl’s and my Mom.  It would be kind of hard to say, ‘oops!’ and for anyone to miss their day.

I remember Nixxie’s birthday because I remember Lexie’s birthday, which I remember because I remember when I got married and I recall that day because not only is it right around a holiday, I still remember stinky Jan’s birthday!

Perhaps it is the proximity of their birthday’s but getting back to birthday season proper, both Pecan Sandie’s and Tee Jay are days apart.  The twins and the Fly Skimmie are as well, and group  them all up and they make up birthday season.


If you want to watch a lot of PBS, Morgan Freeman’s: Through The WormholeAnimal Cops and The Dog Whisperer, you will be just fine!  Stir in reruns of crime procedural’s like ‘Law and Order: SVU’ and ‘Criminal Minds’, and blend in ‘Frasier’ and ‘The Golden Girls’, you get the idea of what kind of telly shows I watch!

But the biggest pleasure that I enjoy is simply being alone.  My mind is uncluttered and the ‘static’ has begun to clear up and I can ‘pick up’ on the signals that I believe will guide me to wherever I am intended to go.

It has always been a bother for me to ‘explain’ why I think or believe something… which is another reason I don’t feel ‘smart’ as much as I am just an explorer trying to take in all that I observe.  The irony of being ‘the abstract original’ (apologies to Q-Tip!) is that abstraction is instinctive to all human beings.  We are not programmed to ‘exist’ in nature and I keep hearing Agent Smith’s estimation of our presence on Earth, approximating our species to that of a ‘virus’, corrupting and infecting all that we touch.  Since there is so much Ayn Rand stuff in the public salon’s my mind reels with the memory of how she made some sense in ‘Atlas Shrugged’, but the more you read… I had to check out ‘We The Living’ and ‘The Virtue of Selfishness’ because they were short treatise that I… well, some stuff I thought was fair to question but so many people only go so far when they hear something that they are looking for to justify their crap behavior or, like the hypocritical Rand, bad logic.

That is what actually angers me about the conservative movement.  So many twist things to fit their agenda and create images that people believe in the most patently false things, ever!  I wonder how far they go into digging on their own outside of the echo chamber that spins the information that they do take in (and yes, it happens on the liberal side too… I have to admit that I was a ‘Reagan Democrat’ at one time in my life!!)?


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Just wanted to wish you a good weekend, buddy.

I used to like Reagan, too. That was the first AND ONLY time I voted for a republican. Now I don't want to vote for either side. I think they both suck.

Sending love,


Lovebabz said...

So you're not banning us from wishing you a Happy Birthday? We can actually celebrate with you?

As you can see from my blog I celebrate my birthday as IF I AM THE ONLY TAURUS ON THE PLANET! I mean I had folks write poetry in my honor...yes check my archives. I love love love cut flowers! And vegan birthday cake with soy ice cream and lots of champagne! and JAZZ!

Yeah birthdays are a big deal. Politics not so much :)

* Ashleigh * said...

Haha love your last line, like it was directed at me ;)

It was my bday, so lump me in there with the others for birthday season! w00t w00t!

Have Myelin? said...

Happy Birthday! =) Can't figure out what day it was but tis the Season, right?

I don't like either party. They both screwed up.

I'm going Libertarian. Decided the smaller the government, the less potential damage. LOL.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Celebrating other's birthdays is awesome, because it is all about them!