Friday, January 7, 2011


BEEN READING... to leaving comments, that is still a different thing.  But I did see this on Astropixie's blog and wanted to share it with my friends here, notably Ken & Beth. 

When I think of really smart, science and math folks, I see them pretty much the same way the cats on 'The Big Bang Theory' are portrayed.  They all remind me of the cats and kittens I went to school with, especially in high school, back when my school was fairly new and had the 'new car shine' still glistening.

So here you go and try to think about Amanda whenever you want to see some very interesting science stuff!  I love her line ...  "I prefer hard the hard truth, not a comforting fallacy."

Anywho... enjoy what smart folks do to show that they are still in the world... just operating on a higher frequency than most of us!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

See, science can be cool :o)

LceeL said...

Now you see? You DON'T see? You're just as smart as 'they' are. Man, you shoulda been punchin' Bunson Burners.

Beth said...

Somehow, in this scenario I think I'm more Howard Wolowitz than Penny...! :/

But it's something I've accepted! L&R!

astropixie said...

cheers :)