Friday, October 1, 2010



I know I have talked about this once before and my knuckles still itch from making contact with the flesh-covered bone of another human being. And I also know that I wish that Tyler Clementi had someone he knew that he could go to, rather than take that lonely walk on the George Washington Bridge. Sometimes, the pain is too great and it was that pain that pushed him beyond reason.

The kids that set him up, I don't know too much about them other than they are young, from what I consider repressive cultures, and, I think, lacking in any sensitivity or maturity. Not surprising, considering their age. Even giving them that, you would think that they would have enough respect for person NOT to do what they did.

As upset as I am with Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, I am not all that surprised by what they did. Though I was trying to be a young soldier at their age, when I finally walked unto a college campus, I did not see much difference in the atmosphere. I wonder how many people who are trying to seek a harsher punishment by adding the hate crime enhancer to their criminal act, did not themselves do or know of some equally crappy kind of act, to someone with one degree of separation.

The reason that I brought up my retaliatory assault on the football player who hit on my darling brother, is that I know by having someone who was not only comfortable and non-judgemental about his sexuality (our family, save bat-sh*t crazy Jan), he knew that he could come home and that he would have support. Could it have been that not everyone was as completely comfortable with Tyler at home, that he did not think of first calling a family member and sharing his pain and hurt with them? Hey, I am jus' sayin'... cause if someone I know and love let me know someone had did something like that to them...

As far as the perpetrators, I am so like, 'come on'. I don't think the enhancement was meant for this kind of case, I really don't. What they did was terrible and showed how little lack of judgement that even the most academically successful person can have (unlike the blissful stupidity of many in the Tea Bag movement... that is SO another story and over at Nutwood, you would get a better fix on how banal the Tea Baggers can be).


Did I mention that I will be leaving for Omaha the weekend of the 9th-10th of October. I will be going to the Amtrak station in Dearborn to make sure I read everything on the web site correctly about shipping my bike. I already have a box and they will take it along with me for only $10?? Can't beat that with a peppermint stick!!

I have ridden trains in Europe and in Korea, but not in the US. They will let my bags come with me for free and even if I were to bring more, the fees are more than reasonable. The convenience factor over a bus ride is pretty much negligble, a few more dollars saved but a less than desired arrival tme. Eh, no big whoop.

Riding around the 'slums of Beverly Hills' and going past spots in Berkley and Royal Oak, fuels specualtion within me that maybe I should stay here, in the Metro proper. Not only that, the sites that I subscribe to for roommates have sent several potential places, in the Motor as well as in the surrounding suburbs, that if the chemistry was there, that they would make a good fit.

Another reason that plays a part in my indecision has been the realization that the Motor looks a lot better to me with one twin getting married in Chicago and the other making a life out of the military. Jan and I were never on real good speaking terms so we will continue to not speak to each other, even after our paths cross at the twins' wedding wedding in November. As long as I care to remember, I have believed that I had to leave to make a life that I wanted. But now I am like, 'what is my motivation?' I really believe that the Metro is going to come back, not like it was but it will be a better place to live.

Riding around and through the different neighborhoods, the word 'gritty' comes to mind because I go by a block with several dilapitdated house and then there is a well-kept house with a manicured lawn. Someone has decided that they will draw the line and be the change that they want for the city. Though I would not want to live inside of the city, I could spot up in any number or the inner ring cities adjacent to Detroit.


We don't communicate as well as I would like, Nebraska and I. I am not sure why it bothers me other than the obvious... that we are not going to get along as well as may have been hoped for, but one of the things that does crop up is 'my formula for happiness' (hint, hint, it should be the first quote!). This expectation of mine, that things will 'fall in order' is not some obtuse wish made to an unknown force to in some way aid me. It is more like a mission statement.

Well, it is WAY past my bedtime!! And I have a fitness post for later on in the day over at my other blog. Peace out, y'all!!


LceeL said...

You are bound and determined to talk yourself out of the developing relationship with Nebraska, aren't you? And the move to Omaha, too, aren't you?

You WANT someone to say, Stay in the Motor, Bro'.

You'll hear no such stuff from me. On the other hand, you won't hear the opposite, either.

What you will hear is, "Make up your mind - and stick with whatever plan you develop."

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Good luck in whatever you decide to do. I agree with LceeL -- you just have to do it or not do it -- you know what's best for you better than anyone else.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I read the story about Tyler. It made me very sad and disgusted.

Take care, buddy. Have a great weekend.



That corgi :) said...

no, you didn't tell us when you were going to Omaha, Mark. That is exciting! and what a great deal with your bike! certainly worth the effort to have them take it along on the train. train rides are fun to see parts of country in a more luxorious atmosphere than a bus, I do believe. Whatever happens with your/Nebraska's relationship,I am just glad to hear you are finally taking the "plunge" and moving down to the state! As far as poor Tyler, so many lives shattered and dreams shut down by the reprehensible act those two did (one I guess could even cause it terribly immature). Thing is in their impulsivity of youth, repercussions will follow them for such a long time. Sad situation for all involved, especially Tyler's family.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wow, so close. Hang in there, you will be settled before you know it.

Thomas said...

Tyler Clementi focused his rage inward instead of outward. He should never have paid such a terrible price for the actions of another.